We’ve Walked the Streets of Kansas

Well, today’s a little bittersweet.. I sometimes have no desire to write these little group letters, but now that it’s my last one, I wish I still had a hundred more to write…

We saw lots of miracles, my favorite being the beautiful baptismal service for Tori. She got baptized! And what an adventure of a day! But all of it was very much worth it seeing her there still dripping wet, with a smile on her face, just moments after her baptism. Her mother-in-law gave the talk at her baptism and shared her sweet testimony of how it’s been five years that her and her family have been praying that Tori would accept the gospel in her life and become a member of the church and how grateful she was that it finally happened. And it made me think how grateful I am that the Lord allowed me to play a small part in that happening.

This coming weekend, our sista Chrissa is getting baptized and I’m so excited for her! It has been such a wonderful journey with her and her family. I still tease Chrissa about the first time we taught her and her family and how she’d said she would never get baptized.. because here she is, less than a week away from her baptism! It’s amazing how the Lord can work in our lives when we let him. And it’s also amazing to be able to see so quickly the ripple effect caused when one person decides to follow Christ. It first began with Serena, then her cousin Alex came along, and now her mother Chrissa is getting ready to take that step. And pretty soon her aunt Crystal will also be joining them! God is just so good. And getting to be a missionary, a called representative of Jesus Christ, is just so good.

I can’t describe in words what my mission means to me, and I can’t express adequately the love I now have for my Savior and for the people I’ve met here in Kansas. Neal A. Maxwell once said, “Moments are the molecules that make up eternity.” and I’m grateful that the Lord has allowed me to have each of these precious moments here on my mission. I know it’s not only a part of my eternity, but it’s also forever changed my eternity. I am changed because of my mission.

With this being my last group letter, I just want to share my appreciation for each of you. The prayers, packages, loving notes, and outpouring of support has meant the world to me. I’m especially grateful for the examples each of you are to me. Light radiates from each one of you and I’m grateful you’ve shared your light with me. This last week, I will not be counting the days, but will be doing everything I can to make the days count. I’m still on the Lords errand and there’s not a minute to be wasted.

I feel like there’s so much to say, yet I’ve said it all before so I’ll end with sharing something close to my heart, which is my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know and can testify that God is our Father in Heaven and that He loves us infinitely and eternally. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he has redeemed and enabled each of us through His Atonement. He has cleansed and refined me and made me into someone more than I could ever be on my own. And He continues to change me as I reach out and rely on Him. Christ has become my best friend as we’ve walked the streets of Kansas together. I know He is with each one of us, He sacrificed everything for me, you, him, her, them….  And what do you give to The One who gave you everything? You give Him your heart. You align your will with His because that’s all you have to give. And that’s what I’ve been striving to do my entire mission and will continue to strive to do the rest of my life. Because it’s only by aligning our wills with God’s that full happiness can be found.

I’m happy. I’ve never been happier in my entire life and I know it’s because God is helping me give everything to Him. On my mission, I’ve learned to trust Him. President Ezra Taft Benson, thirteenth prophet of the Church, taught: “Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life.”

I invite every one of you to ponder and pray about what changes you need to make to be aligned with Gods will and be ready and willing to act on the answers that come. What He asks of you may be difficult, but I can promise that this is the path to being happy right now and in eternity. Trust your Heavenly Father, He knows you and loves you more than any of us can comprehend and He will always lead you to the places you want to be. I’m grateful for my Savior, the opportunity to change and become, and for Gods plan of happiness.

Make it the best week,

Sister Wade

Tori’s Baptism
& made brownies to celebrate Tori’s baptism
Coordinating with my Sistas


Little Junior! His mama is getting baptized this weekend(:


Junction City Sisters & Courtney haha
About to finish the Book of Mormon again & if you ever need a way to turn your day around, just pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading. Guarantee it’ll change your day and your life. Love you all!



Be a Hero

Hey everyone!

I apologize for not writing last week, but I hope everyone had a delicious thanksgiving and we were all able to reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for!

This week it’ll be December, and the church has a really cool initiative this year called #LIGHTtheWORLD. It’s all about following Christ’s example by being a light to others. Each day starting in December, there’s an idea shared on mormon.org about how to share His light through service during the month. Christ really is our perfect example and one of my personal heroes. “A hero is someone who has given their life to something bigger than oneself.” I have a lot of heroes in my life, and with #LIGHTtheWORLD, each of us has the opportunity to be someone’s hero through serving and loving them as Christ would. So be a hero! Light the world.

So a few updates on our happenings here…  our sister, Tori, is getting baptized this Saturday and we are sooo excited for her! I think I’ve mentioned her before, her husband is a less active member of the church and she has three cute kids, and she has been coming to church and helping her family get more involved in church again as she’s been preparing for her baptism. I’m just so happy for her because she has had to overcome a lot of mountains in her path to get to where she is now. So that’ll be a happy, happy day!

Little Alexander was confirmed this week and the poor kid was sooo tired haha but he said he felt really good afterwards and Serena got to remember how she felt at her confirmation just a couple weeks ago so it was a good experience. Also, update on Serena’s mom, Chrissa is doing so good! She’s getting baptized next weekend. Keep those prayers comin! Seriously, your prayers are powerful. Chrissa and her family have been going through a lot but they’re doing well! I love them as if they were my own family, I’m so grateful for the examples set by those we teach and for how much I am changed by each person I meet. The Lord teaches me so much every single day and I know I’ll always have so much more to learn, so I’m grateful He keeps giving me opportunities to change.

A neat little miracle we saw this week happened while we were walking through a neighborhood to our next appointment. We saw a lady raking her front lawn a block away and we felt that even though we didn’t have time to waste because we’d be late to our next appointment, we needed to talk to this lady. So we walk over and start up a conversation, turns out she’s been living here for years but when she was living in Hawaii she had met missionaries and had taken the discussion, has a Book of Mormon,  and had no idea we have a church here! We were stoked! So we had a nice conversation and we’re now helping her prepare for baptism this coming month. Super stoked for her! Just goes to show that you never know who the Lord is placing in your path. Could be someone right in front of you, or could be a lady a block away raking leaves. Never miss an opportunity to open your mouth and share the things that matter most to you (aka the gospel).

Having only a couple more weeks left on my mission is a bit of a hard reality to face. And it’s hard to explain how it feels.. You know when you’re on the last chapter of a really good book and you’re hesitant to read it because you know once you do, you’re done with the book? Or you just watched one of the greatest movies you’ve ever seen and you just sit there still soaking it in as the credits are playing and you don’t want to get up yet? Or like when you’re hanging out with a really close friends and you’ve spent hours together and you’ve ran out of things to talk about but you’d rather sit there in silence then leave? That’s kinda how it feels.

But I’m very grateful that this isn’t something my minds been too preoccupied with. The Lord has given me peace in knowing that Gods plan for me is perfect. So even though my heart hurts when I think about having to leave this sacred heartland, I know that I’ll always be doing the Lords work and my purpose will still be to help others come closer to Christ as I strive to do the same. So until I get on that plane, I know there’s work to be done. There’s people to meet, lessons to teach, and joy to share. We are seeing so many miracles here in Junction City, KS and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us this coming week!

I’m grateful for each one of you, I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to be here at this time, and I’m grateful to know that we have the capacity to find in life what we’re looking for – so if you’re looking for happiness, you’ll find it. If you’re seeking peace, it’s coming. And if you need more joy, just look to our Savior and it’s there.

Make it the best week,

Sister Wade


Trio life is the good life!


Zone Conference with Elder Anderson of the Seventy


District pic after the Christmas parade #LIGHTtheWORLD


Kahlan taking care of the sickly Sister Wade. No worries, I’m better now.


Kansas skies ♡