Where are the Keys?

Hey everyone,

Still living in paradise here in the heartland of America! Every day is the best and I love it here with all my heart. I don’t take the days for granted, every morning when I put my tag on my chest I have so much gratitude for this time I have here. The people we meet, the lessons we teach, and the spirit that is always present is such an incredible blessing and we see so many miracles on a daily basis.

We had a bit of an adventure Saturday evening… we had dinner at a members house, nothing out of the norm, but when we said our goodbyes and walked out the door, I couldn’t find our keys in my backpack. I thought hmm maybe it fell out on the couch. Long story short, we looked for those keys for straight hours because everyone was sure the three yr old daughter had taken them. We had seven people looking for those keys! We also had a few people outside trying to open the car up in case they were somewhere in there. We had neighbors outside, a cop stopped by, and it was a party haha Finally, someone decided to just call a locksmith and get it opened up and there were the keys, in the backseat under a box. So there it is, I locked my keys in the car for the first and last time! I felt so bad haha but moral of the story, when the adversary can’t get to the people we’re teaching because they’re so solid, he’ll try to get to us so we’re unable to visit them. And even though this all happened, we were still able to talk to everyone we needed to and everything worked out as planned because God is good and nothing can prevent His work from moving forward!

Yesterday was definitely the highlight of my week, our sweet Serena was baptized along with two others here in Junction City and the baptismal service was powerful. Serena was a little nervous beforehand, but after her baptism she was just beaming! She couldn’t stop smiling and kept saying how good she felt inside! Her mom also had a powerful experience watching her daughter get baptized and we really feel she’s getting close to giving up what she needs to in order to get baptized herself! I absolutely love their family, they’ve grown to become my own family here and I know they are one of the specific reasons I was sent to serve here in Junction City during this time. We gave Serena a CTR ring after her baptism so she will always remember to Choose The Right, and we know she will!

She had lots of people there to support her, and her cousin Alex was one of them, he’s very excited for his own baptism this week so keep him in your prayers! I love teaching young people, well I love teaching anyone and everyone, but I love when we teach younger people because giving them the gospel early in life will enable them to set a course for their life that will prevent a lot of heartache and grief from happening to them and will create such a strong ripple affect on those they come in contact with as they get older. I love how much the gospel blesses everyone so specifically in their lives. No matter who you are or what you’re like, the gospel brings greater joy and happiness. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

I love this gospel with all my heart and I love each of you! Make it the best week!

Sister Wade

Zone Conference! Manhattan Zone November 2016


My sistas!


District was invited to a Samoan bday party, it was legit!


Weekly Kahlan picta!


Serena’s baptism! (‘:




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