Christmas is in 55 days!

Hey hey!

Wow, can you believe it’s already almost November! And then it’ll be December and it’ll be Christmas! Woo! Christmas is the best. Anyways, it’s been a gooood week guys, I don’t even know where to begin! Kansas becomes more and more sacred to me every single day. Not only because I am getting to know my Savior more, but also because I’m seeing the Savior work in so many people’s lives. I feel so blessed getting to see lives change so much here and I’m even more grateful for the changes occurring within myself. 

One of the miracles we saw this week was visiting a family who are all members of the church except the mom and she has had missionary after missionary in her home but has never had even an inkling of a desire to change and to work towards becoming a member of the church. This last week we were having a lesson with her and her family about the plan of salvation and she randomly was like, “you know I’ve been thinking a lot, and I think I’m ready to become a member of the church.” We just stared at her for a second before it processed haha but she’s getting baptized in a few weeks so we’re way stoked for her! Going to be an eternal family now (: 

Serena is getting baptized this Sunday and she is so excited! She brought her cousin to church this past week and was showing him around the church and telling him all about the service and everything and it was the cutest thing. Her cousin, Alex, is also eight years old and his baptism is scheduled next week so keep him in your prayers as well! They come from a very catholic family and we’ve been a little worried with how they’d react even though their parents are all very supportive of them. Yesterday they went to see their grandpa who is in a very high position in the Catholic Church and we were praying sooooo hard that it wouldn’t sway their faith and desire to be baptized. And guess what? The grandpa was totally on board! What a blessing. So yes, very excited for Serena! She’s become like a little sister to me and I love her and her family so much!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love ya!

Oh, and Happy Halloween (;

Sister Wade 

Had interviews with President McCuistion this past week! They were revelatory!


Leaves for dayzzz



Weekly Kahlan picta (:


We were on foot this week and sisters said they’d only pic us up for the gym if we made them cupcakes sooo we made them cupcakes (; 


Got some new rides this week… haha jk I could barely stand on it without falling 


This is Valorie who cut my hair today and she is an angel! Talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries and about family and we’re going to go back this week to teach her more! Oh, and when I went to pay she told me to not worry about it, seriously an angel. 


Love love love my Sista T!



Christmaaaaaaaas is coming! 


Have the best week (:

Sister Wade 


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