Believe Him

Hello familia!

This has been an incredible week! I apologize again on how terrible I’ve been with writing a legit update weekly but to be honest, I’ve been having a hard time just sitting here emailing. But today’s the day! We’re seeing too many miracles & having too much fun to not share a little about life. 

I don’t think I’ve shared much, if anything, about our friend Amber who is excited for her baptism in a few weeks but she is the best! She is so hungry for change and when we showed her around the church this past week, she said she just felt so good and didn’t want that feeling to ever go away. And at the end, she said the sweetest prayer asking for protection and strength to make it to her baptism and to be able to make the changes necessary in her life to obtain that goal. I am so happy for her, she’s already seeing so many blessings come into her life because of the gospel. She also has the cutest twins in the world, they’re five years old and full of energy. Right now, Sister Taotafa and I can’t tell them apart but it’s our goal to be able to do that by next week! Wish us luck! And please keep Amber in your prayers, she’s making lots of changes right now to get her on the right path and you have no idea how powerful your faith and prayers are! Never underestimate the power of prayer. 

Serena is continuing to learn and grow in the gospel and has become like a little sister to me. We just love her so much! She loved church yesterday and kept telling everyone she’s getting baptized November 6th and inviting everyone to it haha she made lots of friends and will definitely have a good turnout to her baptism. 

Something I’ve been doing these past few weeks is studying the recent talks given in General Conference and one I focused on this week was by Elder Bednar, titled “If Ye Had Known Me”. Solid talk. I could read or listen to it every day and not get tired of it! A part I especially love is when he talks about believing the Savior. “We come to know the Lord as we not only believe in Him but also believe Him and His assurances.” 

I’m so grateful for the things I’m learning every day, I’m grateful for my Savior, I know He lives and that it’s up to each of us to not just believe in him but also to believe him. Make it the greatest week of your lives! Love you all!

Sister Wade 


Hiked the “J” with Chrissa & Serena!


Manhattan Zone! Didn’t have a photographer so we selfied it 


Changing seasons finally 🍂


Coordinating with Baby T 


Had such a good exchange with Sister Dingman! Love those sisters so much! 






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