October 17, 2016

Hey everyone!

Low on time again… whoops. But here’s some pictures from the week! Hope everyone is doing well & I promise I’ll try to make more time next week to give some more updates (:


Team ups with our favorite people – Amanda & Kahlan (:


It’s mid-October and still in the 80s here! This weather is craziness! But I’m not complaining, I prefer the warmth 🌞but by the end of the day, my hair is always up in a bun on top of my head.


Loving all the changing leaves this time of year


Serena (girl we’re teaching that’s eight) invited us to her volleyball game with her mom so we made her some signs the night before! She was smiling so big!


On a walk today that was really beautiful! Played some volleyball in the sand


Always remember that God loves us with an infinite love and because of that, he will provide opportunities for us to learn & grow and become everything he needs us to become. Know you can do ALL things through Christ and have the best week!

– Sister Wade



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