Better Than Christmas

Hey hey everyone!

Well, it’s been another incredible week here in paradise serving the Lord in his heartland! I’m so grateful to be serving in the best mission in the world and to have the experiences and opportunities we have here. God is SO good aaaaall tha time. He’s so good that me and Sister Taotafa get to stay together here in Junction City this transfer! We bought gelato today to celebrate! We were both so happy & we are looking forward to having the best transfer of our entire missions this transfer!

So we got to bike this week, and the reason I say we got to and not had to is because we always see SO many miracles when we bike, so it’s the best. Oh, but it is so funny how much bad luck we get on bikes… like you name it and it’s happened to us. The highlights of bad luck from this past week would include, flat tires (as usual), broken brakes, chains falling off, gears not working, and a pedal falling off completely while biking up a hill and no, it wasn’t my bike. BUT all of this was so worth it because we met PJ after a day of adventures! PJ is the son of an older lady who got baptized earlier this year and when we knocked on their door and he opened it, he looked so happy to see us and invited us right in and got us some cold water while we sat down. He was like a breath of fresh air, we talked for a minute and got to know him and at first, he was not very open to discussing his religious views because he knew what we do as missionaries. But by the end of the discussion, he was so excited to build a stronger relationship with God and when we invited him to prepare for baptism, he responded fervently that he would be honored to. And the spirit hit the room even stronger, it was a really powerful experience! We’re excited for his baptism later this month. 


This past weekend, we had the privilege of hearing from our prophet, apostles, and other church leaders in General Conference and it was incredible. In all honesty, ever since being on my mission, General Conference has been better than Christmas! Sister Taotafa and I were literally counting down the hours until it would begin Haha and it was better than I imagined it would be. If you didn’t watch it over the weekend, you should definitely look it up on and watch it because you’ll be able to feel Gods love and Gods power through the messages that were shared. Like really, you NEED to watch it. I know I’m changed because of answers I received throughout the sessions and I know those of you who watched also received revelation and needed guidance. And something I’m making sure to do is act on the answers I received. I’m so grateful to know we have a living prophet on the Earth and to know that what he has to say is what the Lord wants us to know. 

Well I hope you all have the best week and thanks for the great examples you are to me! Love ya! 

Sister Wade 

Coordinating Outfits
Failed jumping picture haha
Staying in Junction City! So happyyy
Still shot of me riding the bike Sister Taotafa was riding until the pedal fell off. I was able to make it for a bit! But eventually we just walked with it. Good times though.
This is what the front of our apartments looked like this week haha because of all our bike problems, we had six bikes in our apartment and only on them worked.
Weekly Kahlan picture(:
Kansas has my heart

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