It’s a picture kinda day

Hey everyone!

So sorry, but there’s not enough time to write this week so I’m sending some pictures for ya!  Love you all and I hope you have the greatest week!

 Remember, “Count your blessings, but also make your blessings count.” Our Father in Heaven has blessed each of us in sooo many ways and I know even though life isn’t picture perfect, God has a perfect picture of all we can do and become so trust him and don’t take the small things for granted! Talk to you next week!

Junction Cityyy


Had an incredible exchange this week! Love these sisters (: 


“Where do you work out?”

“The Gym.”

Haha saw this in Salina on exchanges! Kinda sketch but pretty funny. 


Posterity picture! Two of my “daughters” and my “granddaughter” Sister Kitchen!  



You can’t tell, but it was pouring in this picture so it was ironic


Got to see Rudi and Becky the other day at a devotional! Made my  week (‘: they’re both doing incredible and loved hearing their testimonies. 


Weekly Kahlan picture (:


It’s always the best week when you get to see a little water & you get to laugh and learn with Sister Taotafa. Love serving with her! 


have the best week!

– Sister Wade 


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