Guys…. Junction City is where it’s at.

Man, I already love it here and it hasn’t even been a full week! I am
so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to be here and that
even though it’s always difficult to leave the people in my last area
who’ve become family, when I go to a new area I always find more
people I end up adopting into my family. and that’s already the case
here! So many wonderful people I’ve met in such a short time and I’m
excited for the many other people I’ll meet and love while I’m serving

So Wednesday morning, all the missionaries training this transfer had
a meeting with President McCuistion and his assistants. And I learned
that after many thoughts and prayers, it was decided that there will
be a few changes in companionships. And I learned I will actually be
companions with a sister named Sister Taotafa! So I’m here in JC with
Sister Taotafa and she is seriously the greatest! She’s from the San
Diego area and we have sooo much in common. So grateful to have her
here with me! I definitely feel that she is very prepared to be here
and that during her training period, we’ll both just be learning
together as the Lord trains us both. She has such a strong desire to
do the Lords will and grow her relationship with Jesus Christ through
helping our brothers and sisters better know Him. We’ve already seen
lots of miracles these first few days and I’m looking forward to the
many more we’ll see as we get more lost in the work!

These last few days since being here in JC, we’ve been on bikes
because we share the car with some sisters and it has been an
adventure. I honestly thought I’d get away with never riding bikes
again on my mission! But here we are, helmet hair and sore butts again
haha but in all honesty, I actually really enjoy riding bikes because
of all the people we meet outside. Something we’ve been really
focusing on is not passing by anyone without stopping to talk to them.
One night we planned to try and meet some people in our branch and we
didn’t even leave our street because of all the people that were out
and about! It’s so cool seeing how the gospel is relatable to any
person in any situation. There’s a lot of people here in JC (junction
city) who are looking for JC (Jesus Christ) and we’re gonna help them
find Him!

An experience we had just yesterday that really shows how ready the
people of Junction City are was at church. Now remember, this was both
mine and Sister Taotafa’s first day there with this branch, so
everyone there was new to us. And so we were meeting new people left
and right all day long. And we were in the last hour of church when we
realized that there was a lady named Ginger who was actually there for
the first time! So, knowing this was the Lords way of saying she’s
ready to learn about the gospel, we nonchalantly changed our seats to
right next to her and after that last hour we started up a
conversation with her.

We got to know her a little bit and she shared some hardships and
trials she’s been going through recently and I could just feel how
heavy she felt as she talked about these things and I couldn’t help
but give her a hug and keep my arm around her as she choked up a bit.
It’s always remarkable to me how strong people are, the courage and
faith they must have to continue moving forward. But then we asked her
how her experience at church was today and her whole face lit up. She
said all the hard, bad things in her life just lifted off of her while
here and she definitely wants to be able to keep that feeling with her
so we are seeing her again tomorrow and will be helping her learn more
about the gospel and to prepare to make covenants (like baptism). She
is such a sweet lady and has such a genuine desire to have Christ more
in her life so I’m really excited to be working with her!

I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I definitely can feel
Him strengthening me day by day to do the work I’ve been called to do.
Something I’ve continuously learned throughout my mission is that
faith is always the antidote for fear and that its okay to not be
enough on our own! It reminds me of a quote by Henry B Eyring. It
says, “It is wise to fear that our own skills are inadequate to meet
the charge we have to nourish the faith of others. Our own abilities,
however great, will not be enough. But that realistic view of our
limitations creates a humility which can lead to dependence on the
Spirit and thus to power.”

Thanks for all the love you send my way & make it the best week! Love ya!

Sister Wade

chelsea august 29 2016 1
Bel Aire District August 2016. I liked this one better than the one we were all ready for hah
chelsea august 29 2016 2
Amidst the packing & cleaning before transfers
chelsea august 29 2016 3
Roadtrip to Junction Citayyy
chelsea august 29 2016 4
Sister Taotafa!
chelsea august 29 2016 5
And this is the cutest little girl ever! She calls us “shishters” and always wants to hold our hands(:

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