Riding with Jesus

What’s up fam and friends,

This week has been the greatest! I apologize for not getting a letter
out last week, I’ll admit I don’t always make it a priority. I’ve been
slackin lately, but this one will be thoughtful and hopefully

The absolute highlight of my week was that Janelle got baptized and
confirmed! A lot of times as a missionary, you’re kinda running all
over the place the day of a baptism trying to get everything in order
and you don’t relax until the baptismal program begins. But this time,
there was just a blanket of peace over us the entire time, even when
her ride to the church was twenty minutes late. Janelle walked into
the church all smiles and it was a beautiful program with lots of
people from the Ward their to show their love and support. The cutest
thing was when Janelle came up out of the water, and her little two
year old daughter started clapping. Giving Janelle a hug after her
baptism, you could just feel how light she was. I love her so much and
look up to her immensely for her faith, courage, and ability to trust
in Him so completely.

From the time we met her a few weeks ago to now, it has been
incredible to see the change in her life. She was hopeless and
overwhelmed when we met her, and now because of Christ and His gospel,
she has a brightness of hope and a trust that He is with her and her
children at all times. I am humbled and so grateful to get to witness
lives changing, and each time I get to be a part of that experience my
own life changes.

I hope we can all always see the potential we have to change and
become more, never be discouraged when it’s difficult to change. A
quote by Heber J. Grant I’ve always loved that helps me remember this
says, “That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not
that the nature of the thing is changed, but that our power to do is
increased.” The more effort we put into changing ourselves, the more
we’ll have the ability to do so.

Aside from Janelles baptism, we also saw many other miracles this
week! I love in the Book of Mormon, in Moroni, where he says, “have
miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay…” (Moroni 7:29). Before
my mission, I didn’t think much of miracles. I believed miracles could
happen still, but I was oblivious to the reality that miracles were
happening all the time. Now I’m much more aware that miracles happen
daily, and I’m grateful I get to recognize some of those miracles –
things like meeting people who are prepared to accept the gospel,
baptisms, the spirit confirming truths to those we talk to,
opportunities I have to change, and the list could go on. I’d
encourage you to reflect on your life currently and to find some of
the miracles the Lord is performing for you right now, I know you’ll
find many!

Another miracle we saw this week was on exchanges, we were walking
down the street to contact a referral we’d received when an older man
from his car window across the street called out to us asking if we
were church people. We smiled, knowing this was a perfect opportunity
to share a message with him of exactly who we are. So we walked over
and taught him the message of the restoration from his car window and
he listened intently throughout the whole lesson. JB gladly accepted a
Book of Mormon as well as an invitation to be baptized at the end of
the lesson and we have an appointment with him and his family this
week so we are looking forward to that! As we were leaving, we gave
him a pass along card with a pic of Jesus and he put it on his
dashboard and was like, “from now on, I’m riding with Jesus.” Haha
he’s a cute old man.

And another huge highlight this week was that Justine (use to be
Sister Domingo) came back to Kansas this week! Best thing everrrr! She
came on team ups with us for a day and was able to attend Janelles
baptism and got to eat with her at various times. It was so weird
seeing her not as a missionary. I mean, she looks the same, except she
has a nice phone and was wearing jeans. But it was just different. So
happy I got to see her so much though! Love her to death. And we had a
wonderful time at lunch her first day back in Kansas with Karlene and
the Couey crew (there’s your shoutout!) Haha it was fun and I love my
family away from family, they’re amazing!

I’m still filled with joy every morning as I place my name tag on my
chest, knowing I am called at this time as a full-time representative
of Christ to teach repentance and baptize converts. I feel so blessed
and honored to be a part of so many miracles each week and to be
serving Him in this sacred heartland. I love Kansas with all my heart
and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to what He has in
store for us this coming week and I hope you all have the best week
knowing that you have the power to change and to see miracles in your
life. Love ya!

Sister Wade

chelsea august 15 2016 1
Janelle”s baptism  and happiest day or our lives
chelsea august 15 2016 2
Had Zone Conference this past week and got to see the majority of my MTC district from over a year ago! Also reunited with my MTC trio(:


chelsea august 15 2016 3chelsea august 15 2016 4chelsea august 15 2016 5

chelsea august 15 2016 6


chelsea august 15 2016 7
Bdubs with district and Justine



chelsea august 15 2016 8
One of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with Kansas: their Sunflowers



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