Pictures From My Week

We had too much fun today and now I don’t have time to write about the week(:

chelsea august 8 2016 1
MLC on Tuesday
chelsea august 8 2016 2
We coordinated our outfits with the Zone Leaders because unity.
chelsea august 8 2016 3
Some hommies for life! They wanted me to put “all the assistants to the President” as the caption buuuuut probs not. HaHa their the best though.

chelsea august 8 2016 4

chelsea august 8 2016 5
stillshots of a vid we made, as you can tell it was pretty intense.
chelsea august 8 2016 6
Had a Zone Training this week and I got to give a training in our Bel Aire Zone and be in a trio with the Andover Sisters which was a blast (:
chelsea august 8 2016 7
Also got to see a few of my favorite Sisters while we were there

chelsea august 8 2016 8



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