“every day is His, not mine”

Happy August!

W O W . how is it August right now?? I blinked and we went from the
Fourth of July to the beginning of August.

Soooo this week guess where I got to go for one of our exchanges….
Ridgepoint! Most of you don’t have any idea what that means but it was
the best day ever because that’s where I started my mission! I served
in that area for the first six months of my life! Well, mission life.
So it was so surreal being back in Ridgepoint. We had dinner with the
Bourm family, whom I love oh so much and I got to see some other
incredible people I’ve missed! And then got to meet a handful of other
wonderful people, so it was a great day. As I was laying in the same
bed I slept in for the first part of my mission, it was crazy to think
that a year ago I was serving there and to reflect on how much has
changed since that time and how much opportunity I still have to
change and how much I still need to change. But it was fun going down
memory lane and I was pleasantly surprised by how well I was able to
still navigate our way around! It was definitely a highlight of the
week being in Ridgepoint again.

Something that has really shown me that the work is hastening is how
many people we meet and other missionaries have been meeting who the
Lord has prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel. For
example, this week we met a lady named Janelle who immediately
recognized the truthfulness of the message we shared and wanted to
know more. She is a single mother and has gone through so much in her
life, so to see the light of hope come back into her life in even this
short amount of time we’ve known her has been incredible. She attended
church yesterday and as she was introducing herself in the last hour,
she nonchalantly told everyone she’s joining the church and is excited
to bring her kids next week! This is after meeting us only a few days
before. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Something not so cool was a dinner appointment we had this week with a
member of our congregation… So she’s like a really healthy eater and
a really wonderful person but she made this seafood stew and some
years back I got food poisoning from salmon so since that time I’ve
gagged at even the smell of seafood. Broccoli and seafood, the two
things I just can’t do. So we walk in… And I immediately feel sick
to my stomach. And I pray the whole time that I can make it through. I
was able to overcome the smell and I was able to distract her enough
to not notice that I didn’t take one bite of the stew and just ate a
lot of salad. But it was a close encounter, so I’m grateful I
survived. Always counting my blessings!

Well, I’ve ran out of time because I wanted to respond to a lot of you
who wrote me recently. But pictures are on their way and I’m so SO
grateful for each of you & the examples you are to me! I’m grateful to
be here serving in the heartland and I’m especially grateful for my
Savior Jesus Christ. He has become my best friend through it all and I
know that although I get to serve my brothers and sisters here, I am
first and foremost serving the Lord. What do you give The One who has
given you everything? The only thing you can give, your heart and
will. I think Elder M Russell Ballard said it best when he declared,
“My mission belongs to the Lord. With all my heart I give my energy
and time to the Master, because I love Him. Therefore, I’m going to
look at every day not as mine, but as His. And I will treat each
minute of His time with respect and focus and the dedication that it
deserves.” I strive every day to live by this and although I fall
short, I’m grateful he gives me the opportunity to get back up and try
a little harder to do a little better each day. This is His mission
and I feel honored to get to be here with Him.

Have the best week of your entire lives! and if you have anything less
than that, it’s on you! Because we can C H O O S E to make each day
the best. It’s all about attitude (; love you all and thanks again for
the love you send my way! I can feel it every day!

– Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea august 1 2016 1
This is the place to be


chelsea august 1 2016 2
Exchanges with Sister G. Hansen!


chelsea august 1 2016 3
Exchanges with Sister Brady!

chelsea august 1 2016 4

chelsea august 1 2016 5
Enter a caption
chelsea august 1 2016 6
Got to see some old faces when I went back to the Ridgepoint area-best day everrrrr.


chelsea august 1 2016 7
I was in the middle of yelling “I LOVE KANSAS!” when this picture was taken aaaand it’s true. I love the hearsland(:



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