“You’re my Missionary”

What’s up everyone!

Well we’ve had some fun activities planned for the day so this won’t
be lengthy but this week we saw sooooo many miracles (as always) and
was the best week of my mission! Here are some highlights:

– We had exchanges with the Newton Sisters, and I was able to spend
that time with Sister C. Hansen and we had some incredible
– Met Nikki and she has been attending church in a different ward
(congregation) for a few weeks because of a friend but she lives in
our boundaries so we were able to meet her and will be doing
everything we can and more to help her come closer to Christ and
strengthen her relationship with God through entering the waters of
baptism this week with her daughter! So keep her in your prayers!
– Met up with our zone at Wendy’s for lunch and I brought my own
lunch, lettuce wraps and such, and didn’t buy anything! #selfcontrol
– Had my first interview with our new mission president, President
McCuistion. It was suuuuper powerful. He looked me straight in the
eyes and there are moments he was speaking that I felt I was with the
Lord. I know he’s been called to serve here by Him and I’m grateful
for all he does!
– Alice and her family are looking forward to their baptisms coming
up, but Alice has been really sick so if you could also keep her in
your prayers I know she’d really appreciate it and so would I! I love
them so much and it’s incredible to see the changes in their life as
they begin living the gospel.
– Stopped at a gas station on a reallyyyy hot day & someone bought us
slurpees! #blesstheirsoul
– A lady who has been inactive for some time is coming to church again
and we have been visiting her and this week she told us she wants to
go to the temple so we are now helping her towards the goal of getting
there by mid August!
– We had dinner with this cute family with eight kiddos and they have
a little girl who just glued herself to me as soon as we walked in.
During dinner she walked up between her mom and I and linked arms with
us and said, “this is my mom and this is my missionary.” It just
melted my heart! She is the cutest thing. And before we left I asked
her if she wants to go on a mission and she nodded her head as hard as
she could and then I asked her why and she told me it’s because
missionaries make people happy and she wants to make people happy too.
I loved her answer, and there’s truth to it! Except we aren’t the ones
making people happy, it’s the message we share that brings happiness.
And I’m very grateful I get to be a messenger of such great happiness.

I still have a lot of work to do to become the best tool in the Lords
hand but I am grateful I have the opportunity to change every day. I
know because of Christ, I can do and become all that He needs of me.
Grateful to be serving in the best mission in the world and looking
forward to another wonderful week!

-Sister Wade

chelsea july 25 2016 1
In the Bel Aire Ward so it’s kinda necessary to take a pic by the Bel Aire sign (:
chelsea july 25 2016 2
Picture of half our zone after interviews with President McCuistion!


chelsea july 25 2016 3
Someone bought us Icees on a really hot day & we were very grateful for that.


chelsea july 25 2016 4
Just went to the “nifty nut house” and they have literally every candy you could imagine…


chelsea july 25 2016 5
Wouldn’t be complete without a picture of how beautiful Kansas is, so here ya go (:



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