He Gave His Life For Me, I’ll Live My Life For Him

Hey everyone!

Well, this week has been the best week of my life! Wanna know why?
Because I’m in Kansas, and I’m getting to witness miracles every
single day, and because I’m learning more about myself and about my
Savior, and a million other reasons. I really wish I could put into
words how much I love being here… The Lord will ask us to do
difficult things but ALL things are possible through Christ. President
Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “you have not failed until you quit
trying.” And it’s true! We literally can’t fail unless we give up. So
wherever you are and whatever it is you’re working on, don’t give up!
We can always change.

We had the opportunity to take out new missionaries fresh off the
plane last Tuesday and it was so fun! Reminded me of the times I got
to do that when serving in Ridgepoint, good memories. So yes, I got to
spend a few hours with Sister Kitchen! She is so wonderful and my
“daughter”, Sister Bybee, is training her (she’s going to be the
greatest mom ever!!) so that makes her my “granddaughter” and I’m so
excited for her to be here! We saw the biggest miracle when we were
out and about so I want to share it with you. As you all know, I’ve
been in this area for a few weeks now so I guess they figured I’d be
fine to just split with a new sister while Sister Fountain also goes
out with another new sister during that time. So we dropped off the
other sisters in an area and then Sister Kitchen and I drove ourselves
to a different area with the plan to go pick them up in an hour.

Within thirty minutes we had gone through all the people I’d planned
to visit and it was like a ghost town, no one outside and no one
answering their doors. I was completely lost on where to go or what to
do! So I said a prayer and just started driving. I knew there had to
be someone God wanted us to visit specifically since nothing else was
working out, I just didn’t know who. We drive for five minutes or so
and we pass a house and as we drive by I get the impression that
that’s the house we’re supposed to go to. So I pull over and we walk
up to the house. An older lady answers the door, we explain who we are
and our purpose, and she invites us right inside. We teach her and her
granddaughter Ali the restoration and the spirit testified of the
truthfulness of our message. I could tell that this is something
they’ve been waiting for, the things we taught were familiar to their
spirit. Alice and her granddaughter Ali will be getting baptized on
the 30th of July and we are so excited for them! It was such an
incredible miracle! Can’t remember where I heard this, but there’s a
quote and it says, “The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the
moment right before the miracle happens.” So another reason why you
should never quit! I’m grateful I was able to follow the spirit to
their home that day and not give up knowing we’d already tried seeing
so many people. God always has a plan and a purpose so I’m trying to
increase my faith to see those miracles take place all day erryday so
I’m grateful for that experience!

Lots of other miracles happened throughout the week, we spent another
evening with Sister McCuistion, our mission presidents wife, and
literally every appointment we had was so wonderful! Sister McCuistion
is just so genuine when talking to people, her motive is love when
sharing her testimony of how the gospel will bless someone and that
makes all the difference. We taught Janae the commandments and
something she needed to give up was smoking so she can get baptized.
As soon as she learned that, she told us she’s done with it. She
recognized that it truly was a commandment from God and that He gives
us commandments because He loves us and wants us to be the happiest we
can be. The spirit was so strong as we had that whole lesson and
stayed with us throughout the rest of the night. Wish we could have
Sister McCuistion with us every night!

Looking forward to another amazing week and I hope you all have the
best week as well! I know that God is in the details of our lives and
that He is so aware of each one of us and loves us unconditionally. I
know Christ lives and because of Him, it’s never too late to turn our
day, week, or even lives around. He gave His life for me, so I am
living my life for Him every day. Grateful to be here in the heartland
and grateful for each of you!

Sister Wade

chelsea july 18 2016 1
When we took out Sister Kitchen (far left) and Sister Lamua (far right) on their first day here in Kansas.


chelsea july 18 2016 2
Exchanges with Sister Tims and Mertens and the Sister Gillespie! They bring me joy and loved spending that time with them!


chelsea july 18 2016 3
When you go on at least two 24 hr exchanges a week, it’s nice to just be with your companion again.


Chelsea july 18 2016 4

chelsea july 18 2016 5
This is the apartment I lived in for my first six months in the mission field. A walk down memory lane!


chelsea july 18 2016 6
Sister Fountains bday was this past week so this happened & she might still have pieces of glitter in her hair as we speak


chelsea july 18 2016 7

chelsea july 18 2016 8
Sunset pictures because why not! (:





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