“The Lord Expects Our Thinking”

Hey What’s up!

This week has been so crazy in the best way possible. We had exciting
things happening every single day! And on the fourth we ended the day
with our own personal firework show across from our apartment. It was
fun because it’s Sister Fountains favorite holiday so we just stood at
our door and watched it for a little bit. Anyways, I love that I can
wake up and say today is going to be the best day of my mission (and
life) & know that it’s true! An attitude of faith makes all the
difference. We had MLC this week, zone trainings, an exchange, and saw
lots and lots of miracles in the process.

A miracle I’m most excited about is that Mason got baptized! He’s the
sixteen year old boy we’ve been teaching in Topeka. His surgery went
well, he was able to come home before the doctors thought he’d be able
to and that’s a miracle in and of itself. But the best part is that he
was able to get baptized this week! It broke my heart that I couldn’t
be there Saturday morning for his baptism, being that I’m here in
Wichita and it was in Topeka. But I was just so happy that day, and I
was definitely there in spirit. He’s like a little brother to me!
reminds me of my fam. At that point, I just couldn’t wait till Monday
so Sister Christensen could tell me all about it!

But guess what…. Earlier last week I had begged the assistants to
our mission president (APs) to be able to go to Mason’s baptism but it
just wasn’t going to happen because of the distance. Super big bummer.
But one of the APs texted us later on the same day of Masons baptism
and I made a lovingly sarcastic comment about them being the best ever
for not letting me go to Mason’s baptism and guess what… They told
me I should skype him Sunday to talk about his baptism! I was like you
better not be joking and they weren’t! They really are the best.

So after church on Sunday I got to skype Sister Christensen and Mason
and it was so great! He told me all about his baptism and it’s
incredible to see how much he’s already changed in the short time
we’ve known him and I’m so proud of him for taking this huge step
closer to Christ and especially at his age. Lots of pivotal decisions
are made around his age so we know having the gospel in his life and
the gift of the Holy Ghost are things that will enable him to make the
best decisions. And he is being a shining light to his family and
friends now! Very proud of him. So yeah, that was for sure a

I really enjoyed our MLC this week, it was revelatory! We touched on
the story of the Brother of Jared building the barges in the book of
Ether. After building the initial barges he had two problems in front
of him – no air and no light. When he went to the Lord asking for
help, the Lord gave him what to do for the first problem. But the
lesson I learned was from the Lords response to the second problem…
He asked the Brother of Jared what he wants him to do. Or in other
words, he invited the Brother of Jared to come up with a solution and
then the Lord would do what he needs Him to do in order to make it

I feel that’s how the Lord works a lot of the time. Our prophet today,
Thomas S. Monson has told us, “Wishing will not make it so. The Lord
expects our thinking. He expects our action. He expects our labors.”
We have been given the gift of agency, the ability to choose, and with
that gift we are given many opportunities when facing trials or hard
decisions to come to the Lord  with a plan to overcome it. And just as
with the Brother of Jared, the Lord will always do His part and give
us the strength to carry out our plans. I really loved studying the
beginning of Ether and I would encourage everyone to read it and see
what they can learn and apply from it!

This week we had zone training in the three zones we cover, and since
there’s only two of us, we could only go to two of them. So we’ll just
be rotating through which one we don’t go to. But anyways, we
coordinated with the zone leaders in Derby and Bel Aire zones and we
coordinated with Derby ZLs at the Buckner church building which is the
building I went to church to for the first six months of my mission! I
was for sure riding down memory as we drove to the church for
coordination. It’s still so surreal that I’m back in this area! And
the Sorensons and Coueys took Sister Fountain and I out to dinner this
week which was so fun. Just felt like I’m back home here in Wichita!

Another wonderful miracle from this week is Janae! She couldn’t make
it to church last week, she was dressed to come to church and then
started throwing up… Super sad. But this week we hadn’t been able to
get in contact with her the few days before Sunday so we were like
it’s all good, she’ll still make it to church! Sunday morning we go
over with a couple in our Ward and knock on her door. She opens it and
asks for a couple more minutes to finish getting ready and we were
stoked! So she came to church with us yesterday, she got emotional
during sacrament meeting, she was really touched by the messages
shared. I’m super grateful she was able to come and have such a
powerful experience there. She’s excited for her baptism in a couple
weeks! But if you could all send some extra prayers her way we’d
really appreciate it. She’s been going through a lot recently and she
has such powerful faith but it’s definitely trying her.

Well, I love you all so much and I hope you’re finding joy each day
because there is definitely joy to be had each and every day. Have the
best week of your entire lives!

– Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea july 11 2016 1

This is from a few weeks ago, last mission-wide pic before President
and Sister Bell went home along with some other missionaries!

chelsea july 11 2016 2

4th of July fireworks

chelsea july 11 2016 3chelsea july 11 2016 4

MLC pictures!

chelsea july 11 2016 5

Got to see Sister Christensen again and we literally couldn’t take a normal picture haha so this is the closest we got. Love her!

chelsea july 11 2016 6chelsea july 11 2016 7

When I skyped the Topeka STLs to see Mason after his baptism! BEST DAY EVER.

chelsea july 11 2016 8

And if anyone loves me and knows how to photoshop… Here’s a pic of his baptism and I want to be in it! :))

chelsea july 11 2016 9

And Kansas skies. I’m a little obsessed with them.


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