Happy Birthday America!

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you are all staying cool and remembering why we are celebrating
today! I am especially grateful at this time for the freedom of
religion. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles recently spoke at a patriotic service about religious freedom
and I want to share a part of it with you. He states, “it has become
popular to argue that the freedom of religion is really only the right
to worship rather than the right to freely exercise your faith in your
daily life.” It makes me think about how we need to be actively
participating in our faith. Always take every opportunity to live your

Well, this week has been FULL of many, many things. Had to do a lot of
packing and say a lot of goodbyes in the beginning of the week and
then on Wednesday we drove down for a mission-wide transfer and said
our final farewells to President and Sister Bell. It was very, very
bittersweet. They changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful for
both of them.

We have nineteen sisters here and we had an opportunity to talk to all
of them this past week and I love them so much! Excited to start
having exchanges with them (:
On Thursday we had a meeting where we got to know our new mission
president and his wife and after the meeting we were invited to go to
dinner with them and the APs at this fancy Mexican restaurant place
and it was so fun getting to know them one on one! Then after dinner,
we took Sister McCuistion (mission presidents wife) out with us to
teach and she was so nervous! It was cute. We met some new people and
saw lots of miracles with her so it was a really incredible night. At
one point we saw a lady raking her lawn so we went over and asked if
we could rake for her while we shared a message about Christ. So I
took over on the rake and about 15 minutes later her yard was raked
and she was excited to start preparing for her baptism this month! It
was pretty neat.

Anyways, sorry this is so short… I promise I love each of you sooo
much and I am so SO grateful for the love and support you send my way.
Makes a difference! But enjoy the holiday and talk to you next week!
Love ya!

– Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea july 4 2016 1
Went hiking last Monday morning to the governors mansions with the zone and had a powerful testimony meeting at the top. I’ll always love my Topeka fam!
chelsea july 4 2016 2
LOVE sister Christensen and miss her like crazy! Matched the last few days together because we knew we’d miss it.


chelsea july 4 2016 3
Mama and Papa Bell! Legends forever.
chelsea july 4 2016 4
First comp pic with Sister Fountain. Went to Wendy’s and found out it was their last day with spicy chicken nuggets. Sad day.


chelsea july 4 2016 5
Kansas is the most beautiful hands down no argument the end.


chelsea july 4 2016 6
And our fourth of July pic.

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