Few Things of Eternal Significance

Hello all!

Well, we may or may not have spent the majority of the day at the zoo
here in Topeka so this may or may not be a short & sweet one. I’ll try
to fit as much as I can in here though because this has been the best
week! I might have to share most of it through pictures though. We’ll

This past week we went to Junction City for zone conference, which is
a day long meeting with our mission president, his wife, and the
assistants and we had almost half the mission there so it was really
great getting to catch up and see a lot of other missionaries I’ve had
the opportunity to serve around since being out. It was bittersweet,
because this is President Bells last zone conference with us, along
with many of the missionaries there. At the end they have the
missionaries going home soon go up and share their testimonies and I
was shocked to see so many of the missionaries I’ve had around me all
my mission go up. But very grateful I’ve had each one of them to look
up to. They’re all legends in my eyes!

Something I loved about zone conference was talking about sustaining
and expanding our visions. Vision is SO important. And I love that we
are always focusing on having a vision not only for ourselves, but for
the people we’re teaching and the areas we’re serving in. Definitely a
huge part of our mission culture. And I definitely love that no matter
who we are, what we do, or where we’re at- we can always expand our
visions and reach them. It does takes effort,  but it’s always so
worth it.

My favorite part of the week was Emma’s baptism and confirmation
yesterday! It was so so good. She was nervous because she doesn’t like
being the center of attention but it was so touching to see so many
people come after church to support her, even with it being on Fathers
Day. And what better gift to give her Father in Heaven than being
baptized! Best gift right there. Emma shared with me previously that
she felt that one of the main reasons she feels she came here to the
states was so that she could learn about the gospel, so it was really
special getting to see her get baptized. When she got up to be
confirmed, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said she has no
idea why she’s crying but that she just felt so good and there were
many others there that felt the spirit as strongly as she did. I got a
little emotional as we sang “I am a Child of God” at the end because
it hit me again how significant it was that Emma got baptized. There
are very few things in life that have eternal significance and this is
one of those things! Very grateful I get to be a part of something so
crucial and significant.

Alright, I still need to respond to some of you so I’ll put some good
captions with each picture but just know I love each of you and I
especially love being here. Happy late Father’s Day to all you dads!
And my Dad, your letter is on its way but may be late.. Just FYI. Talk
to you next week and always choose to make today the best day!

Sister Wade

chelsea june 20 2016 1
Dye water balloon fight with the zone last Monday
chelsea june 20 2016 2
Had exchanges with Sister Thompson this past week! She just came out this last transfer and she is incredible! Really enjoyed our time together(:


chelsea june 20 2016 3
When we went to exchange back, we walked in and Sister Chrisetensen and I were wearing the exact same thing almost…Companionship unity on point!



chelsea june 20 2016 4
Zone Conference!
chelsea june 20 2016 5
This past week we went to a camp that Emma works at and we had a lesson there but we also got to see some horses so here’s a selfie with a horse
chelsea june 20 2016 6
Emma’s Baptism! Happiest of days!
chelsea june 20 2016 7
And in case anyone forgot, nothing can beat a Kansas sunset. Most beautiful thing in the world!




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