48 Farm Fresh Eggs & a Mini Transfer

Hey everyone!

Well, I will have to keep this short today. Not a lot of time! But
what’s new right? Big news though, I am being transferred to Wichita
Wednesday! Our incredible mission president, President Bell and his
wife leave Wednesday after serving here for three years and there are
also a number of other missionaries leaving as well. But it’s not
normal transfer time so we only have a lot of people leaving and no
one coming in. So it’s a “mini transfer”, even though a lot of people
are affected by it. But I can’t believe I’m leaving Topeka….. I’ve
served in two different wards here and it’s been over a period of
seven months but it’s like saying goodbye and leaving home all over

The people of Topeka mean the world to me, and I know it’s because
they mean everything to our Father in Heaven. I’ve had so many people
touch my life here and not only does God place people in our paths so
that we can bring them the gospel, but also to help shape who we are
as well and I can definitely say that I am closer to who I want to be
and who God needs me to be because of so many wonderful people here.
And I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I have that the Lord is
leading this mission and he is leading me to the places I’m meant to
be. I know that Wichita is now where the Lord wants me and I am
excited for all the miracles I’ll get to be a part of there, I only
wish I could bring my whole Topeka family with me!

So this week we had three exchanges which was craziness. With the mini
transfer we’re having this week, we didn’t want to miss going on
exchanges with any of our sisters in case someone left… Ironic that
it’s me whose leaving and not them. But we had three back to back
exchanges and it was exhausting but also so fun. I absolutely love
getting to spend time with our sisters, they have such incredible
testimonies and I love the energy they have. I just love them! And I’m
going to miss each of them. I don’t think any of them realize the
impact they’ve had on me but I have been changed for the best each
time I get to interact with them.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about sixteen year old Mason before, but
he is growing in the gospel and soaking it in like crazy. This week he
came to a baptism and we showed him around the church and he kept
commenting about how peaceful it is. He’s super looking forward to his
baptism on the 9th. He has a surgery for a bulging disc in his back
tomorrow so please send prayers his way! He’s not too nervous but his
mom is. They’re getting blessings tonight so that will definitely be a
powerful spiritual experience for them both. Emma, Becky, and everyone
else here are all still doing the best. Probably because they are the
best. Ah I just love all the people here so much! I’m packing them in
my bags and bringing them with me to Wichita haha

This week we also had the opportunity to help a family move. We were
told by the Ward that since we are the only missionaries here, no
elders anymore, we have to step up with helping in moves. And since
our comeback was always that we were just not aware of the times or
days of moves we had about ten different people contact us about the
move this last week haha they just wanted to make sure we didn’t miss
the service opportunity by not being aware. They’re the greatest. But
it was good! I had a bacon maple donut which was a first and we packed
non stop for hours. it was HOT, but it coulda been worse so I’m not

Oh and we ate dinner at a families house and they have tons of
chickens, so they gave us a ton of fresh eggs! They are delicious! But
she also warned us that there might be some fertilized eggs… As in
we might crack one and a baby chick comes out…. So crossing our
fingers that doesn’t happen haha

Okay, got lots to do today so I love you all and have the best week of
your lives! Always remember that God loves you perfectly and He has a
perfect plan specifically for each one of us. Always trust Him and
know that whatever comes your way is for your eternal benefit.  Talk
to you next week!

– Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea june 27 2016 1

chelsea june 27 2016 2
Pics from the zoo last week ?????? a bird landed on me in the bird exhibit!

chelsea june 27 2016 3

chelsea june 27 2016 4
One more Colly Creek district pic

chelsea june 27 2016 5chelsea june 27 2016 6chelsea june 27 2016 7

chelsea june 27 2016 8
Pictures with my sisters from exchanges  this week(: they are so wonderful & I already miss them!
chelsea june 27 2016 9
Fun fact: Hawaii and Kansas have been voted as places with the best sunsets. No arguments there!

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