“It’s fine, babe”

What is up!

Weeeeell I don’t have a ton of time because we went and played beach
volleyball, yes beach volleyball, and it was so fun! I absolutely love
my new companion, Sister Christensen. She is incredible and we’ve
already seen so many miracles!

One of the highlights this week was getting to see Joy & Paris Bell! I
had the opportunity to teach them earlier this year and they got
baptized at the end of January while I was serving the the Sherwood
Ward. It was Paris’ birthday on Thursday so we got permission to go
see them and it was so wonderful! They were shocked to open their door
and see me standing their haha their faces were priceless. Joy has
been going through a lot lately and it’s really been pulling her down
so it was so great getting to share my testimony with them again and
hearing their growing testimony as well! Love them both so much & will
always count them as family.

Becky is so excited for her baptism this wednesday! We saw her a lot
this past week & she was able to come to a Ward event where she met
more members and made more friends and it already feels like she’s
part of the fam. She is seriously the most adorable old lady. This
past week was fast Sunday, where we give up two consecutive meals (a
recent convert calls it starvation Sunday haha), but Becky had to eat
because of the medicine she takes and so there we were in church and
she was just munchin away on her animal crackers. Very tempted to just
grab one but I resisted. She loves church and we love her.

It was also way good week because Emma, our Aussie friend, is in
Canada but we got to FaceTime her and had some lessons over FaceTime!
Technology coming in clutch. And then we were texting her and she half
jokingly asked to FaceTime her during church so it’s like she’s there
but then we were like, well…. We could do that. So for Sunday school
we facetimed her in and it was the coolest thing. Even though she was
in Canada she still “came to church”. AND on her drive back here this
week she is stopping in Salt Lake City to go to temple square with her
two atheist friends, she’s already a little missionary. So excited for
her to get back so we can keep teaching her and she is still really
looking forward to getting baptized and one day getting married in the
temple. She has an amazing vision for herself and I definitely know
she’ll reach it!

We had dinner this week with a family who has a girl who has Down
syndrome and she is the sweetest thing in the world. You can’t help
but feel Gods love for her when you’re around her and feel her genuine
love for others as well. We had some funny moments throughout dinner,
she can hold a conversation but the conversations are all over the
place. She would pause and then stare straight at me and say, “I love
your face” or “isn’t my family darling?” Cutest thing. Then one time I
accidentally bumped her leg with mine so I apologized and without
skipping a beat she nonchalantly says, “it’s fine babe”, and goes back
to her story. The rest of us just laughed, it was pretty funny.
They’re a great family!

Well, love you all so much and hope you have the best week of your
lives! I’m so grateful to be where I am and for the experiences I’m
having each and every day!

Sister Wade




chelsea june 6 2016 1
Last ice cream stop with Mama Domingo

chelsea june 6 2016 2

chelsea june 6 2016 3
At Transfers, one more pic with the OG Topeka crew, Said goodbye to Mama Domingo šŸ˜„ & then when driving away they wouldn’t let us leave haha

chelsea june 6 2016 4chelsea june 6 2016 5

chelsea june 6 2016 6
Pics from when I got to see Paris & Joy! Surprised them on Paris’ 13th bday and it was SO good to see them. I met them when first coming to Topeka & they got baptized at the end of January (:
chelsea june 6 2016 7
also, we matched completely on our first day together āœŠšŸ¼
chelsea june 6 2016 8
A screenshot of facetiming Emma in Canada!
chelsea june 6 2016 9
And a very sophisticated and dramatically black & white pic of Sister Christensen and I



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