Hey hey!

What’s up everyone! Well it is definitely summer here. I’ve got a nice
watch tan, a little sunburn, and a lot of water to keep me hydrated.
Just counting my blessings since this time around we have a car full
time! So no biking through the heat this summer (knock on wood). But
I’ve had the best week, with the best people, doing the best things
and I’m very grateful for that! There is no place I’d rather be & I
love being in the industry of eternal happiness!

We had our June MLC this past week and it was amazing! At the end of
this month our mission president and his wife will be headed home
after three years of serving God with all their heart, might, mind,
and strength. President and Sister Bell are great examples to me in so
many ways. Best mission parents a girl could ask for! It was a
bittersweet day knowing that this was their last MLC with us.
President Bell touched us
me deeply with his remarks on embracing change and sharing how Christ
was all about change. About changing the world and changing lives. And
that we are here to change ourselves and to help others change. A huge
part of our mission culture is CHANGE, because it produces growth and
progress. So with a lot of big changes about to occur in the mission,
I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us!

I am so SO grateful for President Bell and Mama Bell, they have
changed my life. As President Bell expressed his love for each of us,
it was very powerful because I could feel not only his love for us,
but Christs love for us. There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind
that he loves this mission and our Savior with all he is.

Last Wednesday was the best day of Becky Marshalls life as she was
able to enter the waters of baptism and be able to fully access the
Atonement of Jesus Christ in her life! She had been waiting for that
day a looooong time. She had a backpack with all her things for the
baptism ready a week in advance and kept asking if there’s anything
else to do before her baptism. Like I said, she’s been looking forward
to this day even before she knew us. Something I think is so
incredible and so amazing is that as we testify of Christ and share
with those we teach the sacred truths of the gospel, the spirit
touches their hearts and these things are actually familiar to them.
We knew of Gods plan for us before this life and we knew of our Savior
Jesus Christ, so when we meet people and start teaching them about the
gospel, it’s nothing new! It’s just helping them to remember something
they once knew long ago. And Becky is definitely someone who
recognized the gospel as she was taught. I’m grateful for her example
to me of acting in faith to the promptings she receives through the

So the day of Beckys baptism, her friend who first introduced her to
the church, Rudi, was running way behind. She is notorious for running
late but with Beckys baptism not being until 6pm we thought she’d have
more than enough time to get herself ready. Silly us for thinking
that! Fortunately, she was able to make it in time to give a beautiful
talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost. It was a sweet moment hearing her
testimony and thoughts because she was only baptized a few months
earlier. The baptismal service was powerful and I know Becky is going
to help build Gods kingdom as she lives the gospel & strengthen her

Another wonderful part of the week was meeting Rachelle. She’s
amazing! We had gone over to someone’s house who hasn’t been to church
in a long while and we went with a lady from our congregation to visit
her and see how’s she doing and invite her back to church. Well when
we went there, Rachelle was also there so she sat in on the
conversation and after we shared a messages about the importance of
church and taking the sacrament to renew our baptismal covenants, she
asked is she could come to church with us Sunday! We gave her a Book
of Mormon and as we testified of its truthfulness and of the gospel of
Jesus Christ, the spirit was incredibly strong and the member who was
with us got really excited and was like, “do you feel that!? The
feeling you’re feeling right now?? That’s the spirit! And he’s telling
you this is true!” Haha it was great. But Rachelle definitely could
feel it because as she expressed her feelings of gratitude for meeting
us and knowing Gods hand was in this she became emotional and she is
now preparing to be baptized at the beginning of next month. Keep her
in your prayers!

Our Aussie friend, Emma, is getting baptized this coming week and we
are so so excited for her! Love her so much. She was thinking she
wouldn’t be able to be baptized till sometime next month because she
works at a girls scout camp and she isn’t allowed time off because of
her work visa agreement, but miracles do happen and we found out just
the other day that she can get baptized this week and the person who
introduced her to the church kept asking her if she was sure she’s
ready and if she was feeling pressured or if she wants to just wait
till next week and us missionaries were like uhhhh what are ya doing?
Haha no, we didn’t say that. But Emma was like no way Jose! I’m
getting baptized this week! I really want this! So I’m grateful the
Lord has prepared her and she’s excited for her baptism. She has
learned so much and I know the gospel will be such a blessing in such
a critical time of her life (she’s twenty). So yeah. next time we
talk, Emma will have the gift of the Holy Ghost & be the newest member
of the Lake Shawnee Ward!

We also met this kid named Mason who is sixteen years old and after
learning about the restoration and baptism, said he’d do anything to
be baptized. So we are excited to be teaching him and helping him on
his pathway to Christ and baptism! Most sixteen year olds I know
aren’t nearly as concerned with their spiritual progress and growth so
working with Mason has been great, he’s had some rough patches in his
young life but I know his potential is extraordinary. Our prophet,
Thomas S Monson, has shared that “we must develop the capacity to see
men not as they are at present, but as they may become.” And I am
extremely grateful that as I enlarge my vision for the people we
teach, I am able to better see my brothers and sisters as who they can
become rather than where they may be at when we first meet them.
That’s another part of our culture here, having huge visions for
ourselves, the area we’re serving in, and the people we teach. God has
so much in store for each of His children and I know that as we rely
on him more completely, He is able to better help us become who we are
meant to be.

And a side note, when we got home one night there were tons of firefly
out soooo I caught a firefly in a jar! Of course I let it go but I can
check that off my bucket list now! But anyways, I’m grateful for each
of you, for the things you’ve taught me and the examples you are. Your
light doesn’t go unnoticed! Guarantee there are many people around you
who look up to you and recognize the way you shine. There will always
be ways to improve and refine ourselves, but God takes us as we are
and makes us more than we could ever imagine. Never compare your
weaknesses to others strengths, be patient with yourself, and remember
how much you matter to your Father in Heaven. Have the best week!

– Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea june13 2016 2
Picture of our Mission Leadership Council!
chelsea june 13 2106 3
For Zone Training, these sisters took Sister Christensen to Lawrence to train there while I stayed in Topeka for our zone training here. But since they’re in Emporia we hardly get to see them so it was so fun seeing them Friday! And they were adorable in their matching outfits, I didn’t get the stripe memo I guess.
chelsea june 13 2016 4
Miss Becky Marshall’s baptism!
chelsea june 13 2016 5
Us, Rudi Barko, Becky, and their friend Kim all after the baptism (:
chelsea june 13 2016 6
Also, I hit my one year mark. Don’t know how that happened!
chelsea june 13 2016 7
Love you all and have the best week of your ENTIRE lives! Always feelin’ blessed to be here. No better place to be!

cheslea june 13 2016 1


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