Goodbyes & Hello’s

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Well it’s been an incredible week and I’m still in shock with how fast
this transfer has gone by… Cannot believe my Mama Domingo is going
home. But we won’t speak of such things. We survived another tornado
warning! The weather here has been cray cray (that means crazy, mom).
It’s getting real humid again this time of year and it brings me back
to my days in my first area in Derby & Wichita where Sister Domingo
and I biked through the thick sticky air. Good memories.

So my new companion is Sister Christensen and she actually came out
with me last June! I don’t know her at all really but I am sooo
excited to get to know her and serve with her this coming transfers!
I’ve heard a lot of good things about her (: I’ll be driving to
Wichita Wednesday morning with Sister Patterson & Sister Domingo –
roadtrip! – and picking up Sister Christensen there. Looking forward
to all the incredible experiences ahead for us!

Also, the elders in Lake Shawnee (where I’m currently serving) are
being taken out which means we have to coordinate with them since we
will be the only ones in the ward now! Kinda fun, pretty rare that
it’s only sisters in a ward but it’ll be a good time!

We had a really powerful experience with a lady we met awhile back but
lost contact with for awhile because she’d been physically sick for a
long time. But we stopped by her house and she was there! Had barely
been back from the hospital and still recovering and turns out she’s
also been going through a lot emotionally lately. but we were able to
have a really spiritual lesson with her about trusting in God &
knowing that He is not only aware of her, but loves her SO much. We
taught her about the many gifts and resources God gives to us to be
happy and have peace in this life. We talked about baptism & the gift
of the Holy Ghost and when we invited her to be baptized, she
immediately accepted and asked us what she needs to do to prepare for
her baptism. I’m so grateful for the opportunities we have as
missionaries to share this great gift with others that our Father in
Heaven has given us. I KNOW that God loves us unconditionally and

Becky is doing really well! Have I talked about her yet? Well, she is
getting baptized in a few weeks and she is overcoming all of the
things currently holding her back and I am so proud of her for that!
It really goes to show that Christ always strengthens and enables us
in our righteous efforts. So I came to the realization that most of
the people we are currently teaching are in their later years… More
experienced… Seasoned… Basically they’re all old Haha but I
absolutely love it! They have the sweetest spirits and you can just
feel how long they’ve been waiting to hear and accept the gospel in
their lives. Very special to get to be a part of their conversion and
seeing how even at such an older age, they are changing their lives to
live the way their Father in Heaven would have them live. Pretty

I’m so grateful for my time here, theres so many things I learn each
day & so many experiences I would never trade for anything. There’s
difficulty things that happen all the time and it’s in those moments
that we make the decision on how we will respond. And the easy way is
rarely the right way so always recognize those opportunities and as
our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, has counseled us, “May we ever choose
the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

Well, until next week! Love you all and have the best weeks of your lives!

-Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea june 30 2016 1chelsea june 30 2016 2chelsea june 30 2016 3

chelsea june 30 2016 4
Love these sisters of mine! (And many others I didn’t get pics with)
chelsea june 30 2016 5
Saying goodbyes 😦 Elder Labrum is gonna be a big, bad AP (assistant to president)

chelsea june 30 2016 6chelsea june 30 2016 7

chelsea june 30 2016 8
Family portrait! With Mama Domingo & Elder Hunt (: my trainer & first district leader!

chelsea june 30 2016 9

chelsea june 30 2016 10
…whoops (;
chelsea june 30 2016 11
Colly Creek district pic by Sister Domingo. Gonna miss these fool!

chelsea june 30 2016 12

chelsea june 30 2016 13
oh, also this is a pic of a tornado that happened in western Kansas. Crazinessssss.

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