“A Willing Heart, a Desire to Believe, and Trust in the Lord”

Hello everyone!

Well, first off I want to apologize for not getting a letter out last
week. We had a busy, busy day getting a surprise addition to our
companionship for these last few weeks of the transfer! We have a
“new” companion so we are now in a trio! And the reason I say “new”,
is because around nine months ago, sister Domingo and I were in a
similar position and received a new companion for the second half of a
transfer and it was Sister Patterson. Guess who our new companion is
this time… Sister Patterson! Crazy right? Haha good stuff. We’ve had
a lot of wonderful experiences these past two weeks and unfortunately
not nearly enough time to write it all so I’ll have to just share some

A few weeks ago, we met an aussie who is staying here with someone in
our ward (congregation) for the summer and she is amazing! She’s
twenty years old and has no religious background whatsoever. Had heard
the name Jesus Christ before but didn’t know anything about him,
hasn’t ever said a prayer in her life, etc. and so we began meeting
with her and teaching her about God and Jesus Christ and His gospel.
Every time we would teach her, we would always ask what questions she
has and she’s always like, “honestly everything just makes sense, it’s
really pretty simple.” And it’s so true! It’s so incredible that our
loving Father in Heaven has created such an amazing plan that is just
that – simple. I love the talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “It
Works Wonderfully!” He invites us to take a step back and to see how
we can simplify our lives. He shares, “God will take you as you are at
this very moment and begin to work with you. All you need is a willing
heart, a desire to believe, and trust in the Lord.” And Emma
definitely has all of those things and that is why she is so prepared
to accept the gospel in her life! She will be getting baptized on June
4th so please keep her in your prayers as she continues learning and

Okay, quick background on a woman we are teaching right now… There
is a lady who was baptized in the beginning of the year and she really
can’t be described in only a few words Haha I love her so much. She
talks 100mph and loves the gospel so dang much. She always talks to
anyone and everyone about the gospel, even if they aren’t listening.
But anyways, she has a really good friend who lives in the same
apartment complex as her, good ol Becky. She’s in her late sixties and
we’ve met her many times but has verbally told us she doesn’t want
anything to do with our religion. So we of course respect that but
we’ll still have conversations when we see her around. Well, she has
been coming to church the past couple weeks out of nowhere and so we
talked to her about it and she’s had a complete change of heart! She
has some physical things to overcome before getting baptized but she
is very determined and already has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus

We had a movie night and watched the restoration with Becky and then
the following day we watched the restoration movie with Emma and I
can’t help but get goosebumps every time! It never stops amazing me
how blessed we are for the trials that were endured in the early days
of the church so that we can have the knowledge that we do. I know
that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the fullness of the
gospel and that we continue to have prophets today. A part in the
movie that I love is when a group of people arrive where the saints
are settled and they are sharing their experience as Joseph Smith
wraps their bloody and bruised feet, saying they walked almost 900
miles to get there and he says, “may God bless you” and the woman
quickly responds, “He already has.” Ahh gets me every time! I hope we
can always remember how blessed we are as we go through difficult
times or trials. An apostle of the quorum of the twelve apostles,
Elder Robert D. Hales once shared that, “each of us must go through
certain experiences to become more like our Savior. In the school of
mortality, the tutor is often pain and tribulation, but the lessons
are meant to refine and bless us and strengthen us, not destroy us.”
I’m grateful God loves me enough to give me trials so that I can
stretch myself and grow and be refined. Life is good!

We also had the privilege of getting to be a part of Ramsi’s baptism
this weekend! She is the cutest little girl and we had so much fun
teaching her. We’ve had a lot of good laughs. One time before her
baptismal interview, we were talking about the questions and we ask
her if she has a boyfriend (for the Law of Chastity) and she replies,
“ew no” and gives us the most disgusted face haha and so we tell her
good and to keep it that way till she’s older and she very seriously
informs us that she never will have a boyfriend because that is really
gross. Haha she is seriously too funny. But her baptism was a day
she’ll definitely always remember! Her nine year old cousin gave the
talk, the baptism part wasn’t as scary as she thought it’d be, she got
to wear a beautiful dress after that her aunt got her, and we had
cookies at the end. And during the program she wanted me to sit next
to her and she wrapped her little arms around mine as we sang songs
and listened to those speaking. It was a tender moment for sure.

Well, I have a lot of pictures to include since I didn’t write last
week but have the greatest week of your lives and thanks so much for
always sending me so much love! Looking forward to another incredible
week of miracles!

– Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea may 23 2016 1
Went to the capital building as a district last week! Excuse my ZLs big head…

chelsea may 23 2016 3

chelsea may 23 2016 4
Comp unity at its finest (:
chelsea may 23 2016 5
Colly Creek District-

chelsea may 23 2016 6

chelsea may 23 2016 7
Ramsi’s baptism!
chelsea may 23 2016 8
I’m so grateful for getting to be here at this time and loving every minute of it still!

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