A Small Glimpse

Good Morning!

Wow wow wow this week has been FULL of lots of good things! And I
don’t have very much time to write because I want to try and have time
to respond to all of you who’ve emailed me recently. But it’s been
another amazing week and I sometimes wish I could just pause time and
live in each moment longer so I can soak everything in! There’s really
no adequate way to describe the grandeur (woah, big word!) of a
mission, I wish I could put it into words. But honestly, I think the
greatest things in life are sometimes the hardest to explain but I
hope I’m able to express at least a fraction of how much I love being
here and how much each day, each second, I have here means the world
to me.

I was told that a mission wouldn’t be easy, but that it would be worth
it and I can full heartedly agree with that! It’s amazing how my
capacity to feel has expanded – my capacity to love and to hurt and to
care and all other things has increased more than I thought possible!
My heart grows each time we meet new people and learn about who they
are and their lives and experiences. It honestly doesn’t make sense
how it’s even possible to love so deeply and so many and so much. And
with each person, I feel I get a small glimpse as to how our Father in
Heaven sees them and it’s incredible. I love each person I get the
opportunity to know! They touch my life individually and I guess today
I am especially grateful for that. Every person you know is in your
life for a reason! Try to find out that reason, you might be surprised
with what you find!

This week we had our MLC, Mission Leader Council, which is something
we have in the beginning of each month and it was inspiring! I got
sooo much out of it and I am honestly just so grateful to be in the
greatest mission in the world, I have to try hard not to feel bad for
those who didn’t get to serve here. The Lord definitely is pouring
down his blessings here in the heartland and I am very grateful for a
mission president and his wife who guide this mission as the Lord
would. Getting to be a part of this council has really increased my
understanding of the how the Lords hand is in every part of this
amazing work I get to be a part of. So I always love going to MLC each

We also had zone training here in Topeka and also in the Lawrence zone
so we had a nice full day on Friday! I love getting to hear the elders
and sisters testimonies in these trainings. And ya know, I bet half
the time these people don’t even realize how much I needed to here
what they shared! I’m going to try and be better at telling them that.
Something I really loved is a quote that was shared, and it says, The
pessimist  says,  “I’ll  believe  it  when  I  see  it.” The  optimist
says,  “I’ll  see  it  when  I  believe  it.” I love this! Everything
begins with faith. That’s why it’s the first principle of the gospel!
Something I’m always striving to do is increase my faith and one way I
do that is by exercising it. I would definitely invite each of you to
exercise your faith as much as possible because I know that as Christ
has said, if we have faith, “all things are possible to him that
believeth” (Mark 9:23).

The work is continuing to move forward here! Getting to see the
testimonies of those who we work with grow is a blessing and I’m also
so grateful that those who have recently taken the first step of
baptism are continuing to seek and learn each and every day. I had a
powerful conversation with a recent convert this past week about the
power of the word of God. She has been an amazing example of truly
feasting on the scriptures and never letting a day go by without
studying and increasing her knowledge of the gospel. Also, please
continue to keep Azailya in your prayers. She has a desire to take the
step of baptism but is receiving some opposition in her life that is
preventing her from this. But we know that with enough faith, and in
the Lords timing, it will happen!

I’m so grateful for each of you. I know I’ve had the privilege to meet
each on of you for a reason and thank you for always sending love and
prayers my way, I really can feel it during the good, the bad, and the
in between. Happy late Mothers Day to all of you mothers! Elder
Jeffrey R. Holland once said, “”No love in mortality comes closer to
approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a
devoted mother has for a child.” I believe it! I love my mom more than
I can say because she has done anything and everything for me and I am
grateful that moms are a thing. We aren’t given instruction booklets
to life, we are given mothers. Hug your mama everyday if you can and
tell her how much you love her! She deserves that and so much more.

Oh also, I loved getting to skype with my wonderful family yesterday!
They mean the world to me. A principle of the gospel that is close to
my heart is that families can be together forever and I am honored to
get to share that message with so many who don’t know that and to see
that change their lives. And it brings me pure joy knowing my family
is stuck with me forever! We can and will be a forever family. Being
away from them temporarily, to bring other families together forever
is worth the short separation. And a quick shoutout to my brotha
Jordan! Happy birthday tomorrow! Party hard! But not too hard…

Love you all and make it the best day of your lives today!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea may 9 2016 1
Had a wonderful time at MLC! Love my mission family & of course gotta represent Top City with the ZLs.
chelsea may 9 2016 2
Had dinner with Sister Clader to celebrate mine and Sister Domingos birthdays. She’s our missions secretary and adopted grandma, and we had so much fun! Celebrated Sister Domingos bday on Saturday! #21

chelsea may 9 2016 3

chelsea may 9 2016 4
Kansas is beautiful as always. The skies are my favorite

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