*Urgent!* “Tornado Warning in this area. Take shelter now.”

Hello everyone!

H a p p y   M a y ! Cannot believe it’s already may…  I’m looking
back on this past month and thinking how fast it went. Craziness. But
we had an exciting week here! Lots of miracles, laughs, and powerful
spiritual experiences! It’s insane how every week in the mission it
just gets better and better. I hope we can always remember to choose
to make each day the best day of our lives! I’ve been doing that every
morning and it’s true, every day can be the best. If you don’t believe
me, try it yourself! Wake up and say today is going to be the best day
(you really gotta mean it) and I promise it will be! Won’t stop things
from happening but so much is about our attitude and that’s one thing
we always have control of.

So on Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Bybee in my old area,
Sherwood, which was so fun because it felt just like old times! We saw
a lot of people I knew and a lot of people I hadn’t met so it was a
good time. There was one family we went to see who we’d visited in the
past when I was there but the mom who is a member didn’t want us
coming. Well since that time, the mom has relaxed a bit and is now
okay with us visiting her kids and teaching them so the sisters had
been visiting her son but when we went that day to see him he was dead
asleep and his mom couldn’t wake him up. But then we started talking
to her daughter and we talked about what she likes about the church
she’s gone to with her grandma and she told us she likes the music so
we sang a hymn for her and she she loved it! And asked us to sing
another one haha but it was powerful getting to share our testimonies
through song again. And then we started talking more about church and
she really wanted to go and the moms friend who had been inside this
whole time came over and asked if we ever do bible studies and so we
told her we do and she was like okay hold on let me go grab a bible.
And she goes and grabs a Book of Mormon she saw on a table. So we have
a nice discussion about the Book of Mormon and answered some questions
she had about the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to church and
this last weekend we had stake conference so they came up to me
afterwards with Sister Bybee to say hello and it was so great seeing
them there! They are both getting baptized later this month so I’m
really excited for them.

Later Tuesday evening we had just pulled up to an appointment we had
and they walked outside when the tornado sirens went off. We then
immediately got an emergency text telling us we were in a tornado
warning and to take shelter now. I feel like in this situation we
should have been a little more nervous or freaked out than we were..
But our adrenaline was rushing and we were looking up in the sky for a
tornado in anticipation. Well we got back onto the main road towards
our shelter and we saw in the distance a few wall clouds. I’d never
seen or heard of a wall cloud so I was like, “ITS THE TORNADO!” And we
were heading straight for it so we decide to detour and find shelter
at a nearby members home (shoutout to the Bidwells). It was so funny,
we get there and the kids are running all over getting sleeping bags
and flashlights and whatnot and I was like wow… This is actually
happening! Anyways, the sirens continued and the sky looked a little
scary but the tornado didn’t touch down here which is good and I feel
bad that I was a little bummed it didn’t because those things aren’t
friendly. So I guess I’m grateful it was only a tornado warning and
not the real deal swirling through Topeka! But that’s probably the
most exciting it’ll get here for me.  So a good, safe experience for
sure. We were able to go back out and visit a few more people before
the end of the night.

So not sure if you all remember Marion, but she got baptized at the
end of March and she has been on fire ever since. She is a studying
machine and is still soaking things in and she is such an incredible
example of not slowing down her spiritual growth. But we went to visit
her in the middle of the week and while we were there she asked us if
we would be there with her when she gets her patriarchal blessing. For
those who don’t know what that is, it is a blessing given once in your
life that tells you your lineage in the house of Jacob and also
contains personal counsel from the Lord specifically to you that stays
applicable your whole life and shares the blessings in store for you
as you continue to live worthily and righteously. Kinda like personal
scriptures. So on Saturday, we were able to be a part of that
experience with her and it was amazing. It hit me again how much the
gospel of Jesus Christ changes our lives for the best and it made me
get goosebumps hearing some of the blessings in store for Marion in
her life. An experience I will always hold close to me!

Well, I’m looking forward to another amazing week and please keep
Azailya, a girl we are teaching right now, in your prayers! She is
getting baptized but has some people in her life who are not
supportive so she needs all the love, peace, and support she can get!
Make it the BEST OF OF YOUR LIFE & don’t take a moment for granted.
Love ya!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea may 2 2016 1
Exchanges with the Lawrence Sisters!
chelsea may 2 2016 2
Sister Domingo and I are all smiles aaaaall the time. Love being together again!

chelsea may 2 2016 3

chelsea may 2 2016 4
Since we can’t have pets we go to peatland and play with puppies there on pday. This is a baby St. Bernard! He looks unamused but he liked playing with us, promise.
chelsea may 2 2016 5
Also, it’s gotten really green here! Sister Domingo took this pic and I stole it but look how pretty! Love it here.
chelsea may 2 2016 6
tornado pics! Here you go!

chelsea may 2 2016 7chelsea may 2 2016 8chelsea may 2 2016 9


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