“Fear is the Failure of Faith”

What’s up fam!

Well this week has been extremely eventful! We had transfers on
Wednesday and that was bittersweet times one hundred because I had to
let me amazing companion sister Jensen go home so she can continue
touching and changing lives. So that wasn’t fun. But the only thing
that made it not hurt forever is that I am now companions with Sister
Domingo again and it has been too great. Every day one of us will just
look over and say, “I can’t believe we’re companions right now.” Haha
and it’s true! Still kinda in shock, but the best kind of shock. I’m
so happy she gets to spend her last transfer here in Topeka with me!

So this week we saw a really neat miracle. We have been focusing a lot
on finding and teaching people who are ready to accept the gospel
right now. People who have been searching and seeking truth and peace
and light that the gospel brings. So there have been a lot of times
where we’ve met people who seem to fit that description but then end
up not being nearly as ready as we thought they’d be. And it takes a
lot of faith to be able to recognize that they aren’t ready or willing
to progress and to let them go so that we are making space for those
who are ready because I definitely have a strong testimony that the
Lord has prepared many people for this time specifically so if we are
using our time and energy on people who won’t progress, we aren’t
allowing God to place people in our path who truly are ready and
willing to take the steps necessary to come closer to Christ.

So this week we had an experience like this, there is someone we’d met
a few weeks prior who wasn’t willing to really try and find answers to
her questions or commit herself to changing and growing in the gospel.
So we let her go and that same day we met a fifteen year old named
Azailya who is so great, as we were walking up her driveway she came
running out to greet us and she just looked so happy to see us! She
immediately started asking us amazing questions about repentance and
forgiveness and how she can receive answers and the whole time I was
just in awe with how prepared she is to receive the gospel in her
life. And then she invited herself to be baptized! She asked us if she
can get baptized and when and then later in the week came to a baptism
with us to see what it was like and she really loved it. So she is
working towards getting baptized in the middle of May, please keep her
in your prayers!

I’ve been studying a lot lately about the relationship between faith
and fear and something I’m really starting to internalize is the fact
that faith and fear cannot coexist. Something I read is that, “fear is
the failure of faith.” And I don’t know about you but I for sure don’t
want to fail at having faith and I truly know that it’s a decision
that we make- that having faith is a choice that we can make every day
and I would invite all of you to make that decision daily. Decide
every day that you will believe and have faith even in the face of
challenges or uncertainty and I know you’ll be blessed for it.

Also, my birthday was Saturday and it was the best birthday ever! I
want to express my gratitude for every one of you who sent emails,
letters, and love my way and I’m sorry if I don’t have the time to
write back to each of you individually! Just know I really do
appreciate it and I felt soooo much love that day (: someone we’re
teaching called in the morning and sang happy birthday to me and even
though she is probably definitely tone-deaf, I loved it because it
reminded me of all my family and the tradition we have of calling on
birthdays to sing happy birthday so that was a great way to start the
day. And then later, all the sisters in the zone surprised me by
meeting up for lunch and they had me wear a sash that said “birthday
diva” and a flower crown thing which was a sweet thought but a little
iffy. but then the waiter gave me 10% off my meal since he could see
it was my birthday and that made it worth it. And the members we had
dinner with made me feel so loved! They made me a birthday cake with
candles and all and sang to me and it was so fun.

But honestly, the best part of my day was getting to teach and testify
of our savior Jesus Christ and be able to feel the spirit touch the
hearts of those we taught. I am so grateful to be on a mission and to
get to share the one thing that makes me happier than anything else in
the world. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than sharing the
gospel with my brothers and sisters in Topeka! I know Christ lives and
that we have the capacity and privilege of growing and becoming more
like Him each day as we choose to have faith over fear. I’m grateful
for each of you and the lights you are in my life and I hope you have
the best week of your life! Love you!

Sister Chelsea Wade

PS I forgot to say, I held a royal ball python on my birthday. Almost
cried the first time I held it but then we became friends. Pictures
are on the way!

chelsea april 25 2016 1
Road trip to Wichita!
chelsea april 25 2016 2
Transfers w/ Sister Gomez and Sister Jensen. Two sisters I look up to immensely and miss incredibly. They finished their missions so are now back home

chelsea april 25 2016 3

chelsea april 25 2016 4
Back with Sister Domingo! She was my first companion last June and I will be her past companion with this being her last transfer (:
chelsea april 25 2016 5
chelsea april 25 2016 6
Lunch with the Topeka Sisters!
chelsea april 25 2016 7
The Davis family who fed us dinner on my birthday & made me a delicious cake!

chelsea april 25 2016 8chelsea april 25 2016 9

chelsea april 25 2016 10
Played with a Royal Ball Python! He hadn’t fed in awhile so was a little feisty in the beginning. But we became fast friends (:
chelsea april 25 2016 11
Love you all and thanks again for the birthday wishes!

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