A New Old Companion

Hey everyone!

So this week was a very bittersweet week…. My amazing companion,
Sister Jensen, has completed her mission and is heading home in a few
days so it was our last full week together! 😦 we have had SO many
good times together and she’s helped me learn so much in the short
time we’ve served together. I’ll miss her to the moon & back! But we
will for sure be friends for life.

Well this week we saw many, many miracles!There is a lady who lives
next to one of the members here and she had met some of the
missionaries a few months ago but had since lost contact. We’ve tried
her every once and awhile with no luck but guess what…. We tried
again and she was home! And she is an amazing woman. She has gone
through many trials in her life and it’s resulted in an incredible
faith. She was given a Book of Mormon months before and turns out
she’s been reading it often and loves it! So we had a great
conversation about the restored church being on the Earth today which
led to her wanting to work towards getting baptized! So keep Kerry in
your prayers as she continues her journey!

So an interesting experience we had was meeting a lady we found some
notes on in our apartment house thing. Apparently she met missionaries
in the past so we thought we’d stop by and meet her. Well to say the
least we can understand why the missionaries didn’t go back…. She is
crazy. And maybe even a legit witch. Didn’t stick around to find out
though! But anyways, she invited us right in when we got there so we
were way excited because not everyone invites you into their homes
when you’re talking to them so I was thinking this is gonna be great.
Well we started asking her questions about her religious beliefs and
she goes in with telling us all these conspiracy theories she has
(like that we’re all computers and stuff like that) and we weren’t
getting anywhere with her and her eyes kept getting all big and would
say something under her breath… So anyway we got out of there real
quick but we of course still gave her a Book of Mormon. She’ll be in
our prayers!

Alright last thing because we are doing and have been doing lots of
things today since Sis Jensen is headed home in a few days. Guys…
Guess who my new companion is…. SISTER DOMINGO!!!!! I am SO excited!
That’s my mom guys! My first companion ever here! And now we are
companions again (: and crazy thing is that this is her last transfer
ever, like she goes home at the end of the transfer so she was my
first companion and I’ll be her last companion. She is an AMAZING
missionary and we are going to tear it up her last transfer and see
sooooo many miracles. God is so good aaaaaaall the time & I’m looking
forward to another amazing transfer doing the greatest work in the
world in the greatest place in the world!

There’s a quote I came across the other day by Joseph B. Wirthlin
that says, “if we approach adversity wisely, our hardest times can be
of greatest growth, which in turn can lead to times of greatest
happiness.” I hope we can all always remember that? Love ya

Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea april 18 2016 1
Our Wonderful District

chelsea april 18 2016 2chelsea april 18 2016 3chelsea april 18 2016 4


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