I Love to See the Temple

Hey hey hey

So we just spent most of the day at the capital building & then some
of my favorite people came up from Derby (one of the past cities I
served in) and we had lunch and visited a bit so now I don’t have much
time to write! But I’ll make up for it in pictures (:

This past week some of the people we’ve taught and saw baptized
recently got to go to the temple for the first time and do proxy
baptisms and confirmations. They were all SO excited & it made my
life. I was so bummed we couldn’t be there with them but they told us
so all about it when they got back and one of the ladies got up on
Sunday at church and bore a beautiful testimony about her experience
at the temple and it made me tear up a bit because it hit me how
amazing it is that now that they’ve been baptized, they have the
opportunity to help those who never had the chance to be baptized by
doing that temple work. And now they are working on their own family
history work so that they can go back soon to do their own family
names! I am so grateful for their examples and it made my week getting
to see them off to the temple. Love them so much!

Also a side note, the weather here has been amazing this past week so
lots of people pulled out their grills and I kid you not, we had
burgers and hotdogs almost every night this week for dinner.

Love you all and make it the best week of your lives!

-Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea april 11 2016 1
MLC this past week with the crew!
chelsea april 11 2016 2
Most of the peeps in my first district ever here in Kansas! Love them all so much.
chelsea april 11 2016 3
Top City, top unity #purple
chelsea april 11 2016 4
Mama Domingo!
chelsea april 11 2016 5
Some sunrise yoga by the lake

chelsea april 11 2016 6

chelsea april 11 2016 7
Capital Building with the zone!

chelsea april 11 2016 8
[ view from the top ]
chelsea april 11 2016 9chelsea april 11 2016 10chelsea april 11 2016 11chelsea april 11 2016 12

chelsea april 11 2016 13
And some of my favorite people came up from Derby (:

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