I’m Dreaming of a White Easter…Wait What?

Happy Easter meesters & seesters!

Haha hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! And yes, it was
snowing when we woke up Easter morning. Got a few inches of snow! It
was crazy! And by the time we got out of church later, the snow had
already almost completely melted away. Love Kansas weather. We had a
wonderful event called Come Unto Christ that they do every year in
Lawrence and it was INCREDIBLE. They transform the church building
there into a walkthrough of Christ’s life – starting at his birth,
going through miracles he performed, and ends with the events that
make up His great atoning sacrifice. We had the privilege of going
through it twice, first time with a family we’re teaching and second
time with a lady who was recently baptized and her two daughters. Both
times were equally as powerful. They had members act out in each of
the different rooms, like in full character and costume, and they tell
their stories of the miracles they saw Christ perform.

A room that I really connected with is the experience of Christ
calming the seas and also when Peter walked on water. It’s amazing how
relatable these experiences are with us today. We all have whirling
winds and crashing waves in our lives, trials or afflictions that seem
to overcome us, and the lesson is the same- that we can and need to
turn to our Savior because He can calm the storms in our lives and
will immediately stretch forth his hand to lift us when we begin to
sink. I am so grateful for my Savior, that he constantly lifts me back
up when I fall or begin to doubt and as Elder Christofferson once
said, “we can turn to Him because He understands. He understands the
struggle, and He also understands how to win the struggle.”

Another wonderful memory from this week is that Sister Jensen, who has
been out for 17 months, rode a bike for the first time on her mission!
Haha it was so funny, we only rode for a little bit, but the next day
she woke up and was like I am SO sore, and in all the places I didn’t
think I’d be sore. Haha she cracks me up. So that was a good time.

We also had some really amazing exchanges, I am constantly amazed at
how we can be instruments in the Lords hands in ways we never thought
possible. I would encourage all of you to always ask, in the beginning
of the day, how you can serve Him this day. And ask for your eyes to
be open to opportunities to serve those around you. I promise you’ll
find ways to serve that you hadn’t noticed before and that find joy in
the service of others!

Also, Marion got baptized this Easter weekend and it was a powerful
experience for everyone there. Kinda funny moment, we were walking
with her around to the font and as we’re walking, Sister Jensen and I
both realize we forgot to turn off the water in the font. We go into
the changing room which connects to the font and it was totally
flooding! We were like whoops… And when Marion got in the font, the
water was literally up to her shoulders almost haha didn’t take much
to get her completely submerged. But it was still a very spiritual
experience and I am soooo excited for her, she is such a shining light
to me and to those around her and I’m excited for her to continue on
this amazing path!

Love you all so much & I’ll send some pics soon! Make it the best week
of your lives!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea march 28 2016 2
Sister Jensens first bike ride on the mish!
chelsea march 28 2016 3
I love all these wonderful sisters so much! Took this after the General Women’s Meeting in Saturday.

chelsea march 28 2016 4

chelsea march 28 2016 5
Marion’s baptism!
chelsea march 28 2016 6
Also had a traditional Spanish Easter celebration earlier today! They’re eggs filled with confetti and I still have it in my hair but it was so fun!

chelsea march 28 2016 7chelsea march 28 2016 8

chelsea march 28 2016 9
What it looked like when we got up Easter morning…
chelsea march 28 2016 10
What it looked like after we got out of church….

chelsea march 28 2016 11chelsea march 28 2016 12chelsea march 28 2016 13

chelsea march 28 2016
From the Come Unto Christ event! The tomb truly is empty because He lives today!

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