Depend On The Savior


So this week we had sisters conference, which is when aaaaall the
sisters in the mission come together for a day and we’ve been
preparing for this for the past month or so and it was SO wonderful!
The theme was D.O.T.S. which stood for Depend on the Savior & we based
it off the children’s book called  “You Are Special” which is a book I
read when I was younger so it already had a place in my heart, but it
was amazing getting to be with all our sisters and to feel the
significance of the message contained- that no matter who we are or no
matter our flaws and weakness, the master carpenter (the Savior) can
make a masterpiece out of us.

Sister Jensen and I did a training about Having Joy in the Journey aka
cherishing the chocolate bar. and we used an example from the talk
“Forget me Not” by president Uchtdorf. We used the story of Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory and how so many people wanted one of the
golden tickets that if they got a chocolate bar and there was no
golden ticket, they would be devastated and so disappointed and would
just throw away the chocolate or eat it with no enjoyment. And we
compared that too how sometimes we have golden tickets in our lives,
things that hold us back from being happy in the now and enjoying the
every day moments. I know that happiness comes from depending on the
savior, cherishing the chocolate bar, because He’s the one who helps
us to recognize who we truly are. I really enjoyed getting to study
and apply the things we taught and I could just go on for forever
about it but I’ll just leave it at that. Just don’t let something stop
you from being happy right now!  There are SO many reasons to be happy
right this second, so think about that and don’t forget it!

Another part of Sisters Conference was a skit all of us STLs were a
part of. It was a story about Sister Dorothy’s journey from the land
of Oz to serve a mission in Kansas and some of the experiences she had
that shaped her into the person she became by the end of her mission.
I was assigned the role of Sister Dorothy and it was such a fun time!
But something that I wasn’t prepared for was how powerful it was for
me. It was a lot of laughs and I enjoyed getting into character. But
The end of the skit was Sister likes Dorothy having her exit interview
with our mission president, President Bell, and he actually came in
and did a legitimate exit interview with me. Of course, I stayed in
character in the beginning as Sister Dorothy but I soon realized that
the real questions he was asking needed real answers and I began
really answering them and as he was finishing the interview he began
to get emotional which he wasn’t expecting and I for sure wasn’t
expecting, and it made me emotional! And this huge feeling swept over
me that one day that will really be me, having my exit interview
before I go home, and although I still have time (#hallelujah for
that), it hit me how important it is to never take a moment for
granted. To never let a second pass that isn’t meaningful. Of course I
had this idea before, but sitting there across a table from President
Bell, in front of all the sisters in our mission, playing a fictional
character, I realized just how real this is. And I’m so grateful for
every day I have, there is no greater place to be and I wouldn’t trade
places with anyone. Everything I’m learning, everything I’m becoming,
everything I’m experiencing, is refining me into the person I want and
need to be. It was such a powerful experience doing this skit for the
sisters and I’m grateful I got to be a part of it so I could learn the
things I did. Afterwards Prez gave me a hard time for making him cry
and I told him the same thing! I’m so grateful for loving mission
parents, I know how much they love each one of us and also how much
they love the Savior. They are amazing examples to me.

As you can probably tell, I absolutely loved Sisters Conference.
Definitely a highlight. But we also had other wonderful parts of the
week! We had a few exchanges with our sisters which I always love, and
general conference was so powerful. It’s an amazing opportunity we
have to hear from living prophets and apostles and leaders in the
church. If you haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch, listen, or
read conference I would definitely encourage you to do so! I went in
with some real questions I was seeking answers to and without fail,
each one was answered completely.  I know that if you have questions
you want answers to, the Spirit can show you the answers as you watch
general conference.

Okay fun fact. Did you know that sugar has similar affects as cocaine?
Their was this study done with rats and both sugar and cocaine had the
same results. Crazy right? So anyway, I am trying to real life slow
down on my sugar intake. I was originally going to give it up all
together but do you realize how many things has sugar in it? So I was
like yeah that’s not happening (kudos to you people who can
legitimately give up sugar, you are stronger than me). I started a few
days ago, it’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, I gave
in the other night and had some delicious caramel brownies but I don’t
regret it. I’m going to be stronger today though! So wish me luck!

Anyways, Everything is going well here in the heartland and I hope all
is well there too! Love ya!

– Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea april 4 2016 8
Sisters Conference w/ all the Sisters & the STLz
chelsea april 4 2016 10
Posterity pic! Baby Pedersen & Baby Bybee!

chelsea april 4 2016 9chelsea april 4 2016 12

chelsea april 4 2016 11
Had a mini transfer today & said goodbye to Elder Murphy!
chelsea april 4 2016 6
Had to say goodbye to our Jeep, Reuben, because we got a new car! Reuben has been good to us.

chelsea april 4 2016 3chelsea april 4 2016 4chelsea april 4 2016 5

Exchanges w/ Emporia Sisters & Sherwood! Loved being with Baby Bybee again!
chelsea april 4 2016 1
Had lunch with Ang and the Sherwood Sisters

chelsea april 4 2016 2


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