No Habla Espanol


Well this week started sunny & warm, then it snowed (but didn’t stick)
later in the week, and we had a little thunderstorm, and now it’s
sunny again. I’ve never dealt with more bipolar weather before! But
it’s great, experiencing every season within a week haha rather it be
that way then always cold! But anyways, we had a good week – it ended
before it felt like it even started though. Never enough time in a
day! But then looking back I realize how much happened in such s short
amount of time.

So one thing I really enjoyed this week was going on a few exchanges
with some of our sisters, they are so amazing and so fun! I learn so
much each time I’m around them. Well, one of the companionships we
went with were the Spanish-speaking sisters, the hermanas. And I went
to their area, which is really the whole city of Topeka but it was
hilarious because the sister who was here before me was
Spanish-speaking so she would just be the one who would always go to
their area. And I am definitely lacking in the speaking of Spanish
category. So there we are, in lessons where they are speaking pure
Spanish and all I can do is sit there.. I felt so useless haha by the
end of the night though I’d picked up a few things and it’s not like
all our appointments were in Spanish, only a couple, so I didn’t feel
useless the whole time! It would just be funny when they’d ask a
question directed towards me and I’d just have to shake my head and
shrug and be like “no Español, lo siento”. Good times. A sweet moment
that happened on our exchange is when we visited a family and their
little boy kinda looked up at the sky and in a very thoughtful voice
said, “I know He’s (God) up in the sky, but sometimes…. I just miss
him.” It was the sweetest, and we had a really good lesson on how God
is our Father and we are His children & how the gospel blesses
families. It was way good! And not in Español so I could actually
participate haha

Earlier this week we had a movie night with someone we’re teaching
hand her daughter, we watched the restoration video and I noticed
before the movie that they had placed a box of tissues by me… Don’t
know what they were trying to say with that but ended up being a good
thing. It’s just so powerful! Before it started, I made the decision
to try and watch the movie as if I’d never heard about Joseph Smith or
the restoration. And not only that, but try to be a little cynical
about the whole thing to see what it might be like to be the person we
are teaching because they were struggling with their testimony of
Joseph Smith at the time. Guys… The church is so true and I know
without a shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet of
God. The spirit was incredible as we watched the movie of the
restoration. Seeing the miracles that occurred, how completely changed
people became, and just how faithful every saint was as they struggled
with trials and persecution adds to my faith and testimony that
Christs church has been restored and that I am a part of it. I’m
grateful for how strong the spirit was and that all of our hearts were
touched as we watched it. It was a really powerful experience and made
me that much more grateful for this amazing work that I get to be a
part of.

I’ve been doing a lot of studying about Christ’s life and ministry in
the Bible and Book of Mormon, and as I was reading in Mathew a few
days ago I came across a verse I’d heard many times before but I just
want to share it with you. It’s chapter 10 verse 39, and it reads, “He
that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for
my sake shall find it.” So I read this and I’m like how can I lose my
life to find it? And I thought about a quote that says, He gave His
life for me so I will live my life for Him. So that’s what I’m
striving to do. I’m working on submitting my will to His so I can find
my true identity and consciously serve Him at all times. Always
serving others with no thought of reward and finding joy in the pure
service of my brothers and sisters. I’m so grateful for my Savior
Jesus Christ, I know He lives and that because of Him, I can do ALL
things required of me. I hope we can all find joy in the journey and
lose ourselves in the service of others.

Have the best week! Love you guys!
Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea march 21 2016 1
Top City Zone!

chelsea march 21 2016 2chelsea march 21 2016 3

chelsea march 21 2016 4
Exchanges w/ the hermanas! Me gusta Español 👨🏽
chelsea march 21 2016 5
Larissa was wearing a shirt that said “sisters rule!” So we of course tool a picture with her & the other kiddos.
chelsea march 21 2016 6
We feel like we’re in the car so much, and it must be true since this is the only picture we have together and it’s in the car haha
chelsea march 21 2016 7
And I kid you not this picture is 100% unedited iPad quality picture, isn’t it insane!? Also, the forecast for the week to show how bipolar Kansas really is Haha

chelsea march 21 2016 8


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