Today is the Best Day of my Mission

 Hey y’all haha just kidding, I don’t say y’all. What’s up everyone!

This past week had enough packed into it that it could easily have been drawn out to be a month worths of stuff. so many things! We had MLC, Zone Conference, Zone training for Lawrence, and just every day filled to the max. Luckily these were all things that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from so it’s all good! And I know most of you don’t know what those things are but that’s okay Haha I for sure won’t be able to share everything I want but I want to start off by telling you guys about the new Easter video that was released yesterday! It’s so good!

The whole thing is called #hallelujah which I love because the word “hallelujah” is Hebrew for “Praise ye the Lord” and that is what we should be doing every day! Easter isn’t about bunnies or egg hunts (not that it’s bad to do those things, I’ll miss our fam Easter party this year!), it’s a time we’ve been given to remember all that Jesus Christ has done for us, a time to reflect on the significance of His resurrection, a time to recognize how we can be changed for the best. I invite all of you to watch the video if you haven’t done so already and share it with as many people as you can and share your simple but powerful testimony of our savior Jesus Christ along with it. Let us have His name on our lips at all times, what better way to celebrate Easter! This is the link to the video online:

So we had Zone Conference, as mentioned earlier, and one of the things that really stuck out to me was a training done abut loving where you’re at. God doesn’t expect perfection, he expects improvement. And I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can improve each and every day. Something I’ve begun to do is decide each morning that this will be the best day of my whole mission, and guess what? Ever since I’ve started, it’s been so true! We shouldn’t wish our days away, waiting for better ones to come. We should enjoy each moment to the fullest! Make every day count! And that’s how you live with no regrets. I’m so grateful for inspired leaders who speak and train on topics that touch me to the core and help me change to become closer to who I want to be. Today is the best day of my mission! And tomorrow will be too (;

We had a really powerful experience this past week with someone we’re teaching. She has been amazing us each time we meet because of her faith and how in tune she is with the Spirit. I’m so grateful for the things I learn from the people I work with! So on this particular day, we were talking a lot about baptism and answering some questions she had. She was a little caught up on working towards being baptized so soon but in the middle of the lesson we saw a lightbulb just click and she recognized that baptism isn’t the end of something, it’s the beginning. As she shared her new discovery with us, the spirit was so strong and we were like YES! SHE GETS IT! God is so good…. He loves each of us SO much and when we are sincerely seeking Him and trying to understand what He would have us do, he blesses us more than we can handle! So that was a really cool experience we had and I’m grateful for things like that because even though it happens all the time here, it never stops impressing me and the spirit is never any less powerful.

Okay, last thing I want to say is just how wonderful Sister Jensen is (my companion). We laugh so dang much and she is such a spiritual giant. I’m soooooo so SO lucky to be with her this transfer because it’s her last and we are going hard. But we just have the best days every day and so many little funny things happen that just keep us smiling. I love how God manifests himself through those around us and I definitely know that each one of you have been placed in my life for specific reasons and there are things for me to learn from each one of you so thank you for simply being you! … okay that sounded way cheesy. But seriously guys, there’s no one better to be than yourself and I appreciate you all individually for the things you teach me.

Make the conscious decision each morning to make it the best day of your lives and  have the best week ever! Love yaaaaa

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea march 14 2016 1
Me and Sister Zollinger, we were definitely best of friends before this life.

chelsea march 14 2016 2

chelsea march 14 2016 3
MLC on Tuesday & got to see Mama Domingo!
chelsea march 14 2016 4
We got a 5 pound thing of mac&cheese, we’re not sure what to do with it
chelsea march 14 2016 5
Had a super fun dinner at this Japanese restaurant where they cook the food at your table and there’s fire and tricks and cheesy jokes – it was SO fun. The members here spoil us haha
chelsea march 14 2016 6
Zone Conference!
chelsea march 14 2016 7
Blurry pic, but we spent a lot of time driving this week so here’s a car selfie.

chelsea march 14 2016 8chelsea march 14 2016 9chelsea march 14 2016 10

chelsea march 14 2016 11
And the weather has been all over the place this week so here are some nature shots. Full time missionary, part time nature photographer (;

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