Midday Cup of Coffee

What’s up!

Wow… Where to even begin. Leaving Sherwood was so weird since I only
transferred about 20 minutes from where I was and am still in Topeka.
The goodbyes were still hard because in reality even though I’m not
too far away, it’ll be rare to see any of them. We transferred
Wednesday evening and from that point on everything is a blur haha not
really but I don’t think I have ever been more tired than I’ve been
this past week. Like I wake up and as soon as I get up, I feel like I
could get back in bed and sleep as if we just got home from a full
day. My brain is constantly saying, “hey Sister Wade it’s time to take
a break and rest. I can’t handle any more.” But then my heart is like,
“No way! There’s so many people to see and things to do and you can
sleep when you die!” And when I feel like just closing my eyes for a
minute (because I for sure know if I do that I’d be out like a
lightbulb), I remember where my strength is coming from and why it’s
even possible that I’m able to keep working my hardest when I feel so
dang tired.

It has been amazing to literally feel Christ lifting me up and giving
me strength to continue forward. And will all these new
responsibilities and whatnot, I for sure thought I’d become
overwhelmed but He has constantly given me peace. It would be easy to
fall into the mindset that I am inadequate or too weak to fulfill my
calling but I am reminded time after time that the Lord truly does
qualify whom He calls and I can definitely feel that. There’s no way
I’d be able to handle any of this if it weren’t for Him and I just
feel very grateful for that. Oh, I also got to take a nap today so
that was nice too and if I don’t have time to respond to everyone who
wrote me, it’s because I took a nap.

Anyways, there are a few highlights from the week I want to share but
I also just want to say how grateful I am that, on a daily basis, I am
able to recognize the hand of the Lord. I never used the word
“miracle” before coming on a mission but I have such a strong
testimony now that the day of miracles has not ceased, that God
continues to perform miracles every. single. day. Without fail. So I
would invite you to find the miracles happening in your own life right
now. How is God showing his hand in your life?

In the middle of last week our Zone Leaders gave us a referral of a
lady who they met at a gas station who was interested in being visited
by missionaries. It’s so cool because she shared with us later that
she had literally been asking God questions in her mind when the
elders walked up to her and started telling her that she is loved by
God and sharing a message. So on Friday night we were super excited to
meet her, when we got to her house one of the first things she does is
offer us coffee…. I got way bummed because she called it her “midday
cup of coffee” and it was like 8pm. Which means she obviously drinks a
lot of coffee. But we got to know her and her cute daughter, and she
really opened up and shared that she has a lot of guilt and shame for
her past so we talked a lot about the atonement and read from the Book
of Mormon with her in Alma 36 and she was really touched by it and
even got a little emotional. She asked so many questions and was just
soaking it all in so when we talked about coming to church and being
baptized, she was really excited. We set up a church tour with her for
the following day and we were praying so hard that she will be willing
to live the word of wisdom (give up her coffee). After the church tour
we had the following day, we taught the commandments and she was
definitely having an internal struggle when we talked about giving up
coffee and tea but she is amazing! Seriously SO prepared. She told us
that she can’t imagine not waking up and drinking coffee and having it
throughout the day but she can tell that God wants her to do this so
right then and there she committed herself and hasn’t had a sip since!
But please keep her in your prayers as she and her daughter continue
to work towards baptism.

Wow, that was a lot longer than I was planning haha but I’m running
out of time so I love you guys and have a wonderful week!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea march 7 2016 1
Gave Elder Boman a funeral since he “died” at the end of this last transfer. Aka he went home. It was way fun!

chelsea march 7 2016 2chelsea march 7 2016 3chelsea march 7 2016 4chelsea march 7 2016 5chelsea march 7 2016 6chelsea march 7 2016 7chelsea march 7 2016 8

Some Goodbyes in Sherwood :\


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