Unexpected Call for an Unexpected Invitation

Hello family & friends!

This will be a REALLY short one today, we have a lot to do! I got a
call last night from our mission president, President Bell, and I’ve
been called to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). I’m still letting it
sink in and have lots of mixed emotions! I so wish I could stay to
finish Sister Bybees training, she is amazing and I’ll miss being in
Sherwood. There are so many people here who I just love and they’re
just so fun! It will be hard saying goodbye to them all these next few

I’m grateful I’ll be an STL in this area though because I’ll be able
to see Sister Bybee and the other sisters often. And I am so looking
forward to the time I’ll get to spend with my new companion Sister
Jensen! She is amazing and I’m excited to learn from her and with her.
I know she’ll really help me grow a lot. And I am SO excited to get to
know the sisters here in Topeka and Lawrence! They already have a
place in my heart and I know each one of them will strengthen and
inspire me to be better! Looking forward to the miracles that await
this transfer!

A quote I came across this week that I really love is by President
Dieter F Uchtdorf, it says, “The lessons we learn from patience
cultivate our character, lift our lives, and heighten our happiness.”
I know that faith in God also means faith in Gods timing and that
patience is something that brings so many blessings. I know that as
I’ve applied this in my life and as I increase my faith, I really am
so much happier and I would invite each of you to look at your current
circumstances and find ways to increase your patience so that you can
receive these blessings in your life as well.

Love you all and make it the best week ever! Oh, and happy March!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea feb 29 2016 1
Had interviews with president bell and this is the Kansas flag signed by most everyone in our mission!
chelsea feb 29 2016 2
Grandma Wade sent chocolate from Finland and they were delicious! Thanks grandma!

chelsea feb 29 2016 3

chelsea feb 29 2016 4
Gonna miss my Baby Bybee 😦
chelsea feb 29 2016 5
Zone pic from awhile ago!

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