In the Details of Our Lives

Aloha family & friends!

I’m feeling tropical today because the weather has been SO nice here!
Kansas weather is crazy. But in the best way lately because it’s been
like 70 degrees or close to it almost all last week. I hope it sticks
around but I’ve heard it’s supposed to drop a bit. But that’s okay, if
it doesn’t cool down this summer is going to be HOT. And it was
already so hot last year so I wouldn’t mind some cooler weather now if
it means less hot weather later. Okay…. I just wasted time talking
about the weather haha sorry guys, people in Kansas love talking about
the weather and I guess I’m turning into one of them. Anyways, this
week was the greatest! So many amazing experiences, I’ll try to share
a few.

Last week we went to a neighborhood because someone requested a bible
so we drove over there to give that to them and also hopefully share
the Book of Mormon with them as well. The neighborhood we went to is
on the outskirts of our area so it took us a while to get there and
when we finally arrive at our destination, no one answers the door. I
had a quick thought at this point about the time we just spent to go
do this and what we could have been doing instead that would have been
a better use of time. As we walked down this persons driveway, I
notice a lady in the next driveway getting in her car and had a clear
impression that we need to talk to her. So we approach her and
although she is obviously in a rush to leave, she takes a card from us
that has a picture of Christ and our contact information on it and we
get her contact information as well. The following day we give her a
call and set up a time to meet. When we go over a few days later, she
tells us that she doesn’t usually take the time to listen to people
like us but she could feel that we were good and wants to know what we
have to say. So we taught her the restoration, she recognized the
spirit, and is now working towards being baptized in March! I totally
felt rebuked for having the thought that we weren’t supposed to be
there at that time the first day we met her. The Lord definitely is in
every second of our day, in the details of our lives! And He really
does place people in our paths as we are in the places we are supposed
to be. So please keep her in your prayers! She is a wonderful lady and
like all of us, has some things in her life that could hold her back
from taking the step of baptism and entering that gate that leads to
eternal life. So she can use some prayers as she’s learning more about
the gospel!

We also had exchanges, where we are with our Sister Training Leaders
for 24 hours and I went to the Lake Shawnee area with Sister Webb. It
was intense because they have been working with a boy named Edwin who
was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but different conflicts kept
arising so they decided to push it back, but THEN we realized that he
meets all the requirements of baptism and that we can’t procrastinate
the day of his repentance so we pretty much spent our whole exchange
doing different things to make it happen and guess what…. It
happened! Edwin was able to be baptized on Saturday and it was

aaaaand On Saturday, Sister Angela Waggle was baptized! It was truly a
beautiful baptismal service. After meeting with missionaries for
twenty years, she finally was able to take that step and it was a very
spiritual and powerful experience for everyone in attendance. Angela
was so prepared to be baptized, the adversary couldn’t even rock her
as her baptism came closer and closer, she is SOLID.  There was no
mistaking the undeniable presence of the spirit and the amazing peace
that accompanied him. As Angela came out of the water, she got
emotional and as I wrapped her towel around her and gave her a hug,
she whispered “thank you” and there was so much meaning in that thank
you that it just filled me with warmth. Guys, there is literally
nothing better in this life than helping someone find meaning in
theirs. And not only that, but helping them recognize their true
significance and purpose.

After she changed, Sister Bybee and I sang, “When I Am Baptized” and
it was such a powerful experience for me! As I sang, I thought about
the magnitude of what I was saying and the simplicity of our message.
I looked at Angela throughout the whole song and I realized I was
literally bearing my testimony of repentance & baptism through music.
I really do love how music can capture feelings when words alone
cannot. I’ve enjoyed making music a part of our teaching!

Anyways, running out of time so I gotta finish this so I can reply to
a few more people! Love you all so much and make it a great week!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea feb 22 2016 1
Exchanges with Sister Webb!

chelsea feb 22 2016 2

chelsea feb 22 2016 3
At Angela’s Baptism! President Bell and Mama Bell came up for it and it was an overall wonderful day! Love this great work I get to be a part of!

chelsea feb 22 2016 4chelsea feb 22 2016 5

chelsea feb 22 2016 6
Also participated in a Young Women’s New Beginnings fireside and it was so cute! The theme was “Diamond in the Rough” and I loved it. The Young Women’s program is thee best and the Sherwood Ward has so many amazing young women. It was a fun night!
chelsea feb 22 2016 7
Randoms w/ Baby Bybee at random photo app!

chelsea feb 22 2016 8chelsea feb 22 2016 9


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