Testimonies are as Fragile as a Moonbeam


It’s been another wonderful week serving in the best mission in the
world! We had a lot of great opportunities this week and we for sure
saw a ton of miracles. It’s amazing to see how the Lord works through
us each day as we try more earnestly to align our will with His.

So yesterday some members asked if we could stop by for a few minutes
after church so we agreed and after church we headed over there. When
we got there, they introduced us to their parents who are visiting and
then asked if the name Clive Romney sounds familiar. With blank stares
we told them we didn’t know who that was. Weeeeell turns out her dad
is the guy who wrote the primary song Scripture Power! Crazy right? He
told us how he came to write the song and then we all grabbed our
scriptures and sang Scripture Power with him as he played his guitar
and sang along. It was a lot of fun! So yeah, met the guy who wrote
scripture power.. No big deal.

We also met another neat person named Kristi! We knocked on her door a
few weeks ago, she told us it wasn’t a good time and to come back next
week. Sooo we went back this last week and she pretty much told us the
same but I kept talking to her anyways, just getting to know her and I
just kept asking questions and then she finally goes, “fine, just come
inside.” Haha I was stoked! Persistence at its finest. So we go inside
and we keep talking and she tells us that she doesn’t consider herself
religious, she considers herself spiritual, one of those kinda people.
Her basic and only real belief is that there is a God and that’s as
far as she believes. It was so funny, we asked her what her beliefs
are and she told us she calls it Kristiism. because they’re her
personal beliefs. But anyways, we began talking about the restoration
and Book of Mormon and she was just soaking it all in. She kept asking
questions and then as she would intently listen she would say things
like “oh yeah that makes a lot of sense” or “wow, I’ve always wondered
about that! Of course that’s how it works”. It was awesome! She is now
reading the Book of Mormon and working towards getting baptized so
keep her in your prayers as she learns more about Jesus Christ and His

This week we had a really amazing opportunity to meet with Elder David
F. Evans of the first quorum of the seventy. We drove to Junction City
and spent the whole day there and it was SO good! He spoke with us
missionaries for about five hours total but it honestly felt like such
a short time. I just wanted him to keep going! I felt that everything
he spoke about was something I needed to hear. And at the end of his
time with us he was bearing his powerful testimony and he stared
straight at me as he testified that he knows I’ve been called by God
and that there are certain people I am here to teach. It burned true
to my heart and I know he was talking to all of us missionaries but
making eye contact with him as he stated that was a crazy powerful

Some of the takeaways I got from his visit that I feel I should share
are first, that the spirit is SO key in our lives. We should always be
trying to live worthy to have the guidance of the spirit. The more we
act on the spiritual impressions we receive, the more we will receive
them and the more we will recognize them. He shared a quote by
President Boyd K Packer that went something along the lines of, “No
member will make a serious mistake or commit a serious transgression
without first being warned by the spirit.” Pretty neat promise huh? If
we only listen to the spirit, the still small voice trying to lead and
direct us, we will never run into serious trouble. And another
takeaway I got goes hand in hand with that, it’s concerning

We’ve been having a huge focus on teaching repentance to baptize
converts so we discussed for a long while about what repentance truly
is. He spoke a lot about having a true change of heart and how that
comes through repentance. In the Book of Mormon, Alma asks the people
he is teaching, “have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye
received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this
mighty change in your hearts? (Alma 5:14)” I would invite each of you
to ask yourselves these questions, honestly answer them, and act on
that answer. I know that when we move ourselves away from the gospel,
we withdraw ourselves from the spirit. But that we can always return
through repentance and receive the spirit again. The Lord has promised
that as often as we repent, we will be forgiven (Mosiah 26:30, Moroni
6:8). And something Elder Evans said after we talked about all this
stuck with me, he said that this knowledge doesn’t give us the license
to sin, but gives us the freedom to repent. I love that! We have the
freedom to make our weaknesses strengths and to be forgiven for our
silly human mistakes! I hope we can all recognize what a beautiful and
joyful thing repentance is and never take the atonement of Jesus
Christ for granted. Evans also used a phrase that I really loved, he
told us that testimonies are as fragile as moonbeams. We have to be
constantly improving ourselves and strengthening our faith or else we
can lose the testimonies we’ve gained through time and experience. So
yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed Elder Evans visit to
the mission.

Something I’m looking forward to this week is Angela’s baptism! She is
getting baptized on Saturday so keep praying for her! The power of
prayer is SO real. She is a lifetime smoker who quit cold turkey when
we taught her the word of wisdom and she is still going strong! That
doesn’t mean she isn’t tempted or it isn’t difficult for her, but she
knows that it’s not her own strength she needs to rely on, it’s the
Saviors! I am so touched by the examples of faith I am surrounded by
every day. The people we meet each show so much faith as they trust in
the Lord and give up things in their lives in order to receive the
blessings of the gospel. Such an amazing thing to see!

Well this is pretty long, who knows if anyone actually reads all this,
but I appreciate you if you do! I hope you all make it a wonderful
week and always remember how capable you are to overcome any obstacle
or trial you are facing as you rely on our Savior for strength! Love

-Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea feb 15 2016 1
Valentine’s Day dinner followed by a photo shoot.

chelsea feb 15 2016 2chelsea feb 15 2016 3chelsea feb 15 2016 4

chelsea feb 15 2016 5
Had a relief society activity on Tuesday. We made blankets for children who stay in the hospital and had a hot chocolate bar with different kinds of hot chocolate and toppings. Sister Russell let us borrow mugs so we all were twinning at the activity.
chelsea feb 15 2016 6
A family took us out to eat at this place because the two girls in this pic were their foster kids and they moved back home this week so we had a goodbye lunch with them. They’re the cutest and kept saying we should just come with them.
chelsea feb 15 2016 7
Angela has two dogs and let’s just say I loved them a little too much at our appointment and got hair ALL over my skirt & it wouldn’t come off haha
chelsea feb 15 2016 8
Thornton kids had a valentines party at school and when we went over they gave us fun dip and all our tongues changed colors! Their tongues are probably still green..
chelsea feb 15 2016 9
Had a nice Olive Garden lunch with the Kaw Valley sisters! It was Sister Zollingers first time at Olive Garden, we were shocked, and we had lots of breadsticks.
chelsea feb 15 2016 10
This morning our zone leaders called telling us that one of them was being transferred today to Derby! He is going back to where he was serving when I first came out and is going back to Ridgepoint so I told him to give my love to everyone there! Kind of jealous he gets to go back! Ridgepoint will always have a special place in my heart.
chelsea feb 15 2016 11
one of my favorite things here are the sunrises & sunsets so here’s an artsy picture

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