Crispy fried Chicken & A Side of Koolaid

Hey hey hey!

Happy February everyone! This past week was full of miracles, laughs,
and some dang good memories I’ll keep with me forever. We’re going
bowling today as a zone so I’ll try to share some of my favorite
highlights briefly before we go.

Soooo first off, Joy and Paris got baptized on Saturday! Yay! It was
such a spiritual experience and SO worth the ups and downs. We went
with a sister to pick up Joy from work to go straight to her baptism
and on the way over she got a little emotional expressing how excited
she was and how long she’d been looking forward to this day. Joy has
gone through so much in her life and the peace she’s felt as she’s
learned about her purpose and significance has meant the world to her.
And it’s meant the world to me! As a missionary, I feel that our
capacity to love is increased and we can know to a greater extent how
our Savior must feel for these people. I’ve been able to love deeper,
which I’m so grateful for because it makes every experience I have
mean that much more to me. It’s been a privilege getting to be a part
of their conversion and journey to baptism! They are so wonderful and
have embraced the gospel so completely and I’m grateful for the
blessings they are already seeing in their lives as they live the

Something Sister Bybee and I do a lot is sing. Sing in the car, in the
apartment, on the street, and especially in lessons. Music is such a
great way to bring the spirit into a room and we have definitely been
utilizing that lately. We’ve sang a handful of times this past week as
we’ve met with people we’re teaching and it’s been a real neat
experience! We saw a lot of times that the songs we chose to sing
touched them in a way that they needed and spoke to them in a way we
couldn’t have in conversation. One really cool experience we had with
that is with a woman named Angela. She’s been going through a lot
recently with her family, and she’s met with missionaries on and off
for ten or fifteen years, but when we saw her this past week, we sang
a song and she got a little emotional. We shared the blessings that
come from the gospel of Jesus Christ and then invited her to work
towards baptism. She quickly accepted and is determined to be baptized
this month! Im so grateful for the many tools our Father in Heaven
gives us, like music, to help us come closer to Christ and to help
others come closer to Christ as well.

You know how I don’t like broccoli? Well. Funny story. A few days ago,
we had dinner at a members house and I kid you not the only thing on
the dinner menu was this huge broccoli casserole. And it was literally
just huge pieces of broccoli with melted cheese on top and a little
beef sprinkled in there. I know I shouldn’t complain, first world
problems right? But I really could eat anything in the world except
broccoli. It just makes me sick. Well I managed to silently and slowly
choke it down and keep it down (mama would be proud). So that’s going
down in the books! I felt sick for a bit but it passed!
#missionblessings And then we had dinner after our dinner at a place
called Hardee’s and Sister Bybee bought me a huge chicken club
sandwich. She was laughing so hard after we left our dinner
appointment because I’d already told her that’s the one thing I don’t
like. Then she felt kinda bad so she bought me dinner haha But yeah! I
survived a night of broccoli! Woo!

And let me tell you about my dinner yesterday…. Oooooh man it was so
good! Joy and Paris invited us over for dinner and she made the most
amazing fried chicken I’ve ever had and probably ever will have, also
had pasta that was addictingly delicious, and a classic caesar salad
on the side. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without some
koolaid. We told her we’d literally pay her to teach us how to make
it. But guess what? She told us she’ll teach us for free!
#moremissionblessings and then for dessert we had pound cake with
fresh cut strawberries and whipped topping syrup that Sister Bybee and
I made while she made the dinner. This dinner for sure made up for the
broccoli nightmare that happened a few nights before.

On Wednesday we went to a seminary class because they’re doing a
missionary week and we got to talk about being a missionary! I shared
what I think is the best thing about being a missionary and then also
what is one of the hardest things and Sister Bybee shared her story as
to why she chose to serve a mission. There are literally hundreds of
reasons why being a missionary is the greatest so it was hard to
narrow it down but I definitely feel that one of the greatest things
about serving a mission is that you gain a greater understanding of
the atonement, both the redeeming and the enabling power, and then you
get to witness others access the atonement for the very first time and
be a part of that. Nothing as rewarding as that!

I am so grateful to be serving a mission in the heartland at this
time. There’s no greater work and no greater time to be a part of it!
I’m grateful for my Savior and the continuous support and strength He
gives me and the things I’m learning every day that I’ll be able to
apply to my life forever. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and
thanks for the love you send my way! Always appreciated! Love ya!

-Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea feb 1 2016 1
At Paris & Joys baptism!

chelsea feb 1 2016 3

chelsea feb 1 2016 4
Still shots of car music video

chelsea feb 1 2016 5

chelsea feb 1 2016 6
Blurry pic, but the dessert we made at Joy and Paris’
chelsea feb 1 2016 7
Baby Bybee and I in the SEVENTY DEGREE WEATHER! Yup. It as 79 degrees for a day here last week. It was awesome.

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