Becuase of Him


We had a really eventful week this past week! We have been focusing a
lot on truly finding those who are prepared to receive the gospel in
their life at this time because we know there are many who have been
waiting their whole lives to hear our message about the restored
gospel of Jesus Christ. So this week we met A LOT of people. One
person we met is a lady who had joined the church many years ago but
hasn’t gone for years since. She kinda fell away when her mom died and
her dad moved away, but she is so sweet and loving and has the cutest
kids! So we met her and she is really wanting to bring Christ more
into her life and in her children’s lives so we are excited to be
working with her and her kids!

Angela is continuing to embrace the gospel in her life and although
she’s gone through much and continues to have many trials to overcome,
she is excited and pressing onward as she prepares for her baptism in
a few weeks. We showed her around the church on Saturday and we had a
sister from our ward with us who connected really well with her and
had a similar background as Angela so it was powerful having her
testify and share her experience with joining the church during her
young adult life. I know it really touched her and the spirit was
definitely confirming the truths that were being taught. She also
attended church yesterday and had a really good experience with that.
We had a really powerful and spiritual testimony meeting and she was
just soaking it up so it was awesome! The biggest thing that could
hold her back from getting baptized is her poor health so please
continue to keep her in your prayers!

Yesterday we had a baptism for a woman named Patty who is just the
cutest. Her husband has been a member for many years but had stopped
going a number of years ago and in our records, we didn’t have any
contact information so no one could find where he was. Then one day
the elders randomly run into them on the street a month or so ago.
What a miracle! God really does provide when we are doing all we can
to build His kingdom and find those who are seeking Him. The man was
so excited to start coming back to church and his wife who was not a
member was excited to go with him! He was able to receive the
priesthood yesterday so he could perform the baptism of his wife. It
was a sweet experience getting to be a part of that. And the spiritual
thought we shared during the service was around the short video
“Because of Him”, I love that video and if you haven’t seen it, look
it up! SO good! And it truly is Because of Him that we are able to do
all things. Oh, and Prez made it down with his wife so it was really
nice to see them show up!

So this coming week we have a really exciting opportunity to hear from
Elder Evans of the first quorum of the seventy in Junction City! It’s
gonna be great! We’ve been reading some specific chapters in the Book
of Mormon to prepare for his visit and I’m really looking forward to
it. Also, they asked that a small musical number is put together for
the conference so Sister Bybee and I are in that! I was hoping to find
a replacement because I don’t necessarily enjoy singing in front of
large groups but I think it’ll be a really neat memory and a powerful
experience. We are singing a version of How Firm A Foundation and its
so pretty! Sister Zollinger, who is in my district, made the piano
arrangement and it’s gorgeous. So yeah, I’m excited for that too!

Let’s see.. Oh, I smashed my finger between two weights at the gym in
the beginning of last week and it took less than two minutes for my
entire fingernail to turn a purpleish color. My finger grew like twice
as big and is still somewhat swollen and it throbbed for dayssss. And
then a few days ago, I poked a hole in my nail and a bunch of blood
came out. Sorry if that was too much.. But it made it feel better and
was pretty intense. So yeah, finger is still in recovery but at least
it isn’t a gross blackish blue color anymore!

Well, it’s been a wonderful week and I’m looking forward to another
great week! I am so grateful for every second I’ve been given to share
the message that Christs complete gospel is on the Earth today and
that through Him, we are able to overcome all the pains, sorrows, and
sins in this world. It’s because of Him that we know our purpose and
will one day get to return to live with God again. I hope we can
always remember Him and live our lives in a way that shows our
appreciation for all He’s done for us. God is so good and he loves us
a whole lot more than we could ever comprehend! And it’s because he
loves us that he sent his son Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for my
savior and for Gods plan that he’s given to us so that we could find
joy in this life and joy in the life to come. Make it the best week!
Love you all!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea feb 8 2016
Last Monday we went bowling as a zone! Apparently missionaries go bowling a lot but it was my first time since being on the mish so it was fun!
chelsea feb 8 2016 4
At Young Women’s with Paris! We played headbandz & I was terrible at it. Still fun though!

chelsea feb 8 2016 2chelsea feb 8 2016 3

chelsea feb 8 2016 1
We were sad because Sister Hansen (third one over) was transfered on Saturday in the middle of the transfer. So we went over and said our goodbyes!

chelsea feb 8 2016 7chelsea feb 8 2016 6

chelsea feb 8 2016 5
Then took some pics with Baby Bybee in front of our apartment!

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