Teach Repentance & Baptize Converts

Hey everyone!

I blinked and another week has gone by. Time never slows down, not
even for a moment. But I’m so glad I’m filling that time with so many
wonderful things! I for sure never want to look back and think, “man,
if only I’d done this or that.” So making sure every moment counts is
something I hope we’re all doing. There’s so many things this life has
to offer so don’t waste a second of it!

So on Wednesday we had transfers, Sister Trawick and I left Topeka at
5am to get to Wichita in time for my trainers meeting. It was a
loooooong (but still great) day. It was so nice to see some other
missionaries that I’ve served with in the past at the transfer
devotional and I even got to see my old companions (except baby
litchfield who is currently killin it in Brazil)! And a highlight for
sure was a world-wide broadcast to all missionaries we watched right
before transfers. It was titled teach repentance, baptize converts and
I love that because I am definitely focusing more on the atonement and
what a blessing it is to see people changing their lives and getting
to apply the atonement more fully as they are baptized and make those
sacred covenants. It was a really great day!

So my new baby (trainee) is Sister Bybee and she is so wonderful! Baby
Bybee! She graduated this last year, is a gorgeous singer, and is from
Salt Lake City, Utah and we are having so much fun and seeing so many
miracles already. And we are so alike! So it’s been fun getting to
know her and getting to serve with her thus far. I’m looking forward
to this transfer and getting to see the growth that’ll take place in
both of us as she goes through her training!

A really neat experience we had this past week was meeting a woman
named Caroressa. We had received a referral a few weeks ago that she
wanted a bible so we had dropped that off and she wasn’t home. But we
gave it to one of her kids and said we’d come by and try to meet her
another time. So we received a prompting to try and see her and we
caught her right before she was leaving her house! She invited us
right in even though she was heading out the door and we were able to
share with her who we are and what our purpose is as missionaries. She
is extremely involved in the church she attends so she loved hearing
what we had to say and before we left we gave her a Book of Mormon and
set up a time this week we’ll be going back to study with her. We said
a prayer with her and her kids before leaving and so we are excited to
go back and start teaching her more! ALWAYS follow the promptings you
receive from the spirit.

Quick funny story. We were visiting a family who recently were
baptized and their house is constantly occupied with different people.
They honestly just let anyone and everyone in so we are always meeting
some interesting people. So anyways, we were about to leave when
Daniel “Take Flight” Williams walks in. He goes by Take Flight. He’s
an aspiring break dancer/ comedian/ rapper/ producer. Pretty funny
guy. And he starts talking to us when he finds out we’re missionaries
and he was really excited! But the more he talked, the more we could
see that he’s not completely all there. But we ended up still giving
him a Book of Mormon and inviting him to read and pray about it. We
thought that would be the end of this story, false. Sunday comes
around and guess who walks in the chapel door… Yup. Take Flight! It
was the weirdest thing because we didn’t even tell him where or when
church was, he just showed up! Later we learned that the person giving
the less active family a ride to church found him there too and Take
Flight asked if he could come too. So he did! He had a good experience
and will probably be back for sure! If he’s solidly interested in
learning more about the church, the elders will get to work with him.
Kinda shows you that you never know who might be ready to hear about
the gospel and that you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Well, make it the best week of your life and love you all so much!

-Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea jan 25 2016 1
Had a district breakfast (with the zone leaders) the last day before transfers! E West, Sis Trawick, and Sis Prichett all left but the rest of us stayed (:
chelsea jan 25 2016 4
Our new district! The Holton Elders are no more so there’s more of us sisters than elders! Kinda funny I thought. But it’s gonna be a great transfer!
chelsea jan 25 2016 2
At transfers! With my new companion, Baby Bybee, and my mama Sister Domingo!
chelsea jan 25 2016 3
There’s this little Spanish area in our ward boundaries and we saw this painted on one of the walls. Had to stop to take a pic. Get it? Juan 3:16… JOHN 3:16 hahaha loved it.
chelsea jan 25 2016 5
And a picture in the snow! It’s all melted away now and it’s supposed to be warming up so that’ll be nice!

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