Be an Instrament in the Lords Hands

Hello what’s up how ya doin?

Okay this won’t be too long because we were playing football all day
as a zone but here we go! Hope everyone’s week was a good one! First
full week of 2016, did you spend it well? This week honestly seemed to
just fly. We were just going going going all day every day so it’s not
surprising it went by so quickly! Well, I was hoping I’d be able to
proudly tell all of you today that I accomplished my goal of being
vegan for a week but I am weak and didn’t make it… I went five days
which is better than most of the people here thought I could do so I’m
proud of that! But still didn’t make it a week. I missed my meat and
dairy too much. I can only handle so much rice, beans, and potatoes.
But on a happier note, I successfully unwrapped a starburst in my
mouth for the first time ever this week! It was a struggle but it was

Anyways, this week really was full of amazing things! Unfortunately,
Joy and Paris had to move their baptism back to this coming Saturday
but we are still so excited for them! They are absolutely wonderful
and completely ready to be baptized and enter the gate that will
ultimately lead them back to our Father in Heaven. So please keep them
in your prayers!

A really powerful experience we had this week was with one of the
women we are teaching right now. On Tuesday night we get a call from
her telling us she was in a car accident and it was pretty bad. It’s a
miracle she wasn’t too injured because she was T-boned by a car
speeding down the road and was knocked out unconscious. When she woke
up in the hospital she told us that she felt very foggy and distant
but that she recognized a clear prompting to call us so she did.
That’s when she told us she was in a car accident.

So the following day, on Wednesday, we go to her house and she begins
to tell us how she hasn’t been able to pray since being in the car
accident the day before. Now if you knew this woman, you would know
how scary that was to hear. She loves to pray. She would often just
pray while doing her day to day activities and just talk to God as if
he was right there next to her. And if someone were to go to her for
help or comfort, the first thing she tells them to do is get on their
knees and pray. So hearing her say she couldn’t even pray was a bit

She told us she honestly knew she wasn’t mad at God but that she just
felt this giant disconnect from Him that she had never before felt in
her entire life and that it scares her. I couldn’t tell you exactly
the things we said or testified of but I do know the things we shared
with her weren’t coming from us, but that we were being instruments in
the Lords hand so that He could speak with her. And by the end of our
visit the spirit was there so strong and when we invited her to pray
with us she said a prayer and it brought the spirit in even more
powerful than before and she felt a million times better. And then to
top it off, she was able to finally make it to church this Sunday and
had a great experience there! God is so good.

I am so grateful for the power of prayer and that we have the amazing
opportunity to speak with our Father in Heaven as much as we want. And
I know that she was prompted to call us as soon as she woke up in the
hospital because the Lord needed her to hear the things we shared with
her. I know that the Lord often works through us to bless other
people’s lives and so I would encourage all of you to always be in a
place where the Lord can work through you to help someone else because
you never know what kind of impact you might have on someone!

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!

-Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea jan 11 2016 1
Had to take a car picture of course. So here’s that!
chelsea jan 11 2016 2
It was coooooooold this week. With windchill it was in the negatives!
chelsea jan 11 2016 3
Frozen water in the water bottle we left in the car.
chelsea jan 11 2016 4
aaaaand I cut off 3 inches of my hair last Monday! Woo! Shoulda taken a before pic

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