A Chicken Burrito from Panchos

Haaaaaappy New Year!

It’s 2016! Wow wow wow. Time Flies. But it’s been an amazing week! We
had a lot of really neat miracles and experiences and of course had a
ton of fun too. Let’s see where to start, oh! This coming week I’m
gonna be vegan! Like, only for the week. Sister Trawick is a
vegetarian because meat makes her physically sick and she also has a
dairy intolerance that’s gotten a lot worse and her meds aren’t
helping. So she is going completely vegan this year. And to support
her, I’m going to do it with her for the first week (: I told her even
lasting a week would be a miracle for me so that’s all I committed
too. But this is a new thing for her so if anyone has any yummy vegan
recipes or tips let me know so I can pass it along! I support her, but
I honestly don’t know what she’s going to eat and I don’t want my
companion starving so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

We had exchanges the middle of last week and that was sweet, I went to
the Lake Shawnee area for a day with Sister Jensen and I loved it! We
had dinner with this lady who is straight up hilarious. She had the
funniest things to say and I was just dying. Sister Jensen warned me
that she was a little self absorbed and had a hard time being positive
and it was very accurate. It felt like every subject that was brought
up, she had something less than optimistic to say about it. I made it
into a game kinda, I’d bring up a subject that I was sure no one could
have anything negative to say about it and she would, without fail,
find something to complain about. Kinda funny. But the overall
exchange was great! I really learned a lot about applying the things I
learned in past places and situations to where I am right now. What
the Lord was having me learn and what he is now trying to show and
teach me. And then to exchange back we met up with sister Trawick and
Sister Webb at Panchos (a Mexican food place) and had lunch. I ordered
a chicken burrito and I got just that, a burrito full of chicken. Like
that was it. I was a little disappointed because it was gross. But
hey, I got exactly what I ordered so I can’t even be mad haha next
time I’ll for sure be getting something different though.

I brought in the New Year reading the end of the Book of Mormon! The
challenge I told you guys about some time ago ended New Years, to read
the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in the month of December and to
not only read it, but to change from it. And to be honest, I had
fallen behind as far as finishing it by the end of December. So this
last week I went hard and by New Year’s Eve I only had about 70 pages
to go and I was set on finishing. And I did! Barely finished on time,
but I did it! But that’s not really the important part. I have gained
an even stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon as I read it this
past month. It truly does testify and witness that Christ is our
Savior and I am amazed at the edifying and renewing spirit I felt
every time I read. Without fail, I was always touched by the spirit
and received guidance and comfort in the way I needed it that day. In
this last general conference, Elder Neil L Andersen gave a talk about
how faith is a gift from God and I love what he challenges everyone to
do. He says, “It [the Book of Mormon] provides a spiritual and
tangible witness of the truthfulness of the Restoration. When was the
last time that you read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover? Read
it again. It will increase your faith.” So that’s what I want to
challenge all of you to do! Make one of your new year resolutions to
read the whole Book of Mormon this year. Wether it’s your first time
reading it or your one hundredth, I promise you’ll receive a stronger
faith in Christ and His gospel.

One of our new year resolutions is pretty stereotypical,to go to the
gym every morning,  and we know everyone and their moms and their dog
has this resolution too, but we’re gonna last for more than just a
month! We have committed and it is happening! So we got a gym
membership last month and we were ready to go New Years morning. We
woke up at 5:30 and got to the gym, pumped to be there, aaaaaand it
was closed. We were so bummed! First day of the year and we didn’t
even get to follow our goal. But that’s okay! We’re doing good now.
It’s been a little rough waking up an hour earlier but we’ll get use
to it soon enough.

A really amazing miracle we got to be a part of is Dawn receiving a
blessing. Dawn is a woman we are meeting with and she is completely
wonderful. One of the sweetest, most faithful people I’ve ever met.
Well she has had and continues to have a lot of health issues and she
finally agreed to having a priesthood blessing, so on Friday (New
Years Day) we went over there and she was so excited to see us!
Apparently she was having an even harder day that day so she was more
than ready for a blessing. Well after the elders gave her a blessing
she just sat there for a minute and I finally asked how she’s feeling
and she just stared at me, she was speechless, finally she was able to
say “wow” and then she said wow about four more times getting more
excited each time she said it. We asked her if she wanted to say a
prayer of gratitude and of course she wanted to so we did that then
the elders left and she shared the experience she was having. She told
us that from the moment the elders placed their hands on her head, she
felt a soft but powerful sensation at the top of her head. And that as
they began the blessing, the feeling spread throughout her whole body.
She compared it to a warm cleansing waterfall and how it went through
her whole body and touched every part from the inside out and that she
could still feel it. And after explaining that she told us she just
felt so good! And that the pain in her back and stomach were
completely gone and she felt better than she’d ever felt in a very
long time. She said she KNEW the blessing worked and it was just so
amazing. I’m so grateful I got to be a part of that experience. Faith
can move mountains, and Dawn has the most incredible faith. I learned
a lot from that experience. Then to top it off, she texts us later
that evening sharing that the medicine she’d just started taking that
wasn’t supposed to take effect till 4 weeks from now started working
that day. Milagros por Dias!

Last thing! Joy and Paris who are preparing for their baptisms have
been really sick for the last week and their goal is to be able to get
baptized this Saturday so please please pleeeeease keep them in your
prayers! They could really use them! They are so wonderful and since
they’ve been so sick, we haven’t even been able to meet with them so
the sooner they get well the better.

I am SO grateful to be spending the year of 2016 serving the Lord as a
missionary. There’s no greater work and I’m blessed to be a part of
it! Let’s make 2016 the most amazing year yet and set some solid
resolutions and goals to accomplish (like reading the Book of Mormon
because I promise you won’t regret it). Love you guys!

Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea jan 4 2016 1
Last sunset of 2015! Woo!
chelsea jan 4 2016 2
Me in the middle of a parking lot too cold to keep walking. The wind here feels like frozen water going through my whole body and it’s intense. But it’s okay mom! I promise I’m Staying warm (:
chelsea jan 4 2016 3
On Saturday I had a wonderful visit from some members from my last area in Wichita and Derby! We went to lunch and I felt so loved that they came all the way up to see me and visit.
chelsea jan 4 2016 4
Stillshots of a video we made in the car. I love Sister Trawick.

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