ALMOST a White Christmas

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Woooooo! Just kidding. A few days ahead of myself but
that’s okay.

Well….Christmas has come and gone… Just like that. Seriously,
Christmas should be at least twice a year. There’s just a different
kinda energy in the air around Christmas time and its just such a
christ centered time of year. I love it. Of course, we should all
always have Christ as the center of our lives, but even the world
focuses on Christ more during the holidays and I just wish it could be
like that during the whole year, not just at this time. The sister we
had dinner with last night said that her mom use to keep the tree up
year round and just change the decorations to go with the time of year
sooo don’t be surprised if you come to my house someday and see a tree
in the corner in the middle of July.

Anyways, it was a good week! We didn’t get to see as many people as we
usually do just because of Christmas and everything but we really
enjoyed getting to celebrate with the people here. And even though
there was a lot of business this week, we still saw a ton of miracles!
And it was so fun talking to my fam Christmas Day! I literally have
the greatest family in world. Love them so much! Oh, and my mom and I
are officially the shortest in the family… So there’s that.

And guess what… It snowed last night! And is still snowing! I’ve
only accidentally drifted a couple times so far and we played in the
snow earlier so that was fun. In fact, we spent most of our day doing
that and playing volleyball so this email is going to be record short.
I’ll add more pictures this week to make up for the lack of words!

But anyways, make the end of the year the best ever and hope everyone
has some solid resolutions for this coming year! It’s gonna be an
amazing year! Love you all! Byeeee!

-Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea dec 28 2015 1
Bad quality picture, but this was our little set up in our room! Made it real cozy.
chelsea dec 28 2015 2
Cookies the size of our faces. They were delicious.
chelsea dec 28 2015 3
Love Sister Trawick. She is an amazing companion and we have so much fun together!
chelsea dec 28 2015 4
Skyping the fam on Christmas! Caught Lani and Em at a bad time haha
chelsea dec 28 2015 5
And earlier today in the snow!

chelsea dec 28 2015 6


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