Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrr


CHRISTMAS IS ON FRIDAY! Woooooo!!! Man, I am SO excited for Christmas!
Sister Trawick and I have already decided that our Christmas
decorations are staying up for at least another month. And Christmas
music will be played year round for sure. There’s just something about
Christmas that makes everything ten times better. And I love it. But
anyways, I can already tell you that this week is going to be an
amazing week. We are having a huge baptismal service for all the ward
(congregations) in the stake (area) on Christmas Eve so that’s going
to be super powerful and I am looking forward to that. And I also get
to talk to my family! Gonna be a good week for sure.

This past week feels like it was an eternity long just because of all
the experiences and things we accomplished. Like I’m thinking back on
the week and thinking, was that really just this week?? Haha I really
enjoyed having our Christmas Zone Conference  this past week. It was
fun getting to see missionaries I’ve served with in the past and
hearing from our mission president and his assistants.  We talked a
lot about desire, motivation, and using the atonement of Christ in our
lives. But I won’t say more than that because I know a lot of the
sisters that get this email haven’t had zone conference yet so I don’t
want to give anything away. I’m just extremely grateful for the
spiritual power the leaders of this mission have and for their
continuous outpour of love and support. They’re the best!

So the biggest highlight of my week was Terrys baptism! It was a
miracle that it was able to happen amidst the chaos going on in his
life. His two older sisters and aunt were baptized earlier this year
so it was definitely really good to have them for support as he worked
towards his baptism. Their family has been going through a lot and I
definitely know that the adversary is constantly working against us,
trying to bring us down, especially when we are close to accomplishing
something the Lord has in store for us (like being baptized). So when
we went to see him the day of his baptism, he told us he was scared
and asked if he could just do it another day because he wasn’t feeling
well. We knew he was feeling just fine and that he was only nervous so
we sat with him and talked, said a prayer, and talked some more but he
still didn’t want to do it because he was afraid. Well we weren’t
going to force him, but Sister Trawick and I both knew that he was
ready and at this point in his life more than ever he needed to be
able to receive the blessings that come from baptism. We were silently
but earnestly praying pretty much the whole time we were with him and
after a few more minutes he looked at us and said okay I’m ready. We
were SO grateful that the spirit was able to comfort him and help him
overcome his fears. And then yesterday he received the gift of the
Holy Ghost and we couldn’t stop smiling. There is nothing sweeter than
getting to witness the miracle of someone choosing to follow Christ,
especially when so many things are working against them. My faith is
always strengthened when I see blessings of the gospel touch someone’s

Another miracle we saw this week was meeting Joy. She is so wonderful!
She is the cousin of a woman who another set of missionaries are
working with and she asked if we could come see her so of course we
did and it was awesome! We taught her the restoration, talked about
the Book of Mormon, and invited her to work towards baptism as she
learns of the truthfulness of our message. She is working towards
being baptized in January so please keep her in your prayers! She also
has a twelve year old daughter, Paris, who came with her to church
yesterday so keep them both in your prayers (:  Joys cousin is getting
baptized on Christmas Eve so she’s going to come with us and I know
it’s going to be a really neat experience for her to be able to feel
the spirit and see her cousin get baptized. I’m excited to continue
getting to know her and her daughter and helping them come closer to

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And don’t forget the true
meaning of CHRISTmas! Love you!

– Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea dec 21 2015 1
Terrys Baptism! Our photographer (an elder) didn’t count down so Terry didn’t know when to smile… But he was definitely smiling!
chelsea dec 21 2015 2
Found this sign not on our way to California but downtown Topeka.
chelsea dec 21 2015 3
Made s’mores using our stove. They were delicious.
chelsea dec 21 2015 4
From our zone conference! We had an ugly sweater contest so at the end we modeled our ugly sweaters and took a picture all together (: find Waldo!

chelsea dec 21 2015 5


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