New Adventures in the Land of OZ, I mean Topeka

Hello from Top Citayyy!

Well, it’s official… I’m in Topeka! It was SO hard to leave my
Ridgepoint family especially after being there for six months, but as
one of them said to me, “it’s not goodbye, just a see ya later!” And
it’s true! I’m already looking forward to the day I can go back and
see them all again. They are family. But I’m also so excited to be
here in the Sherwood ward!

Before leaving on Wednesday, Sister Pedersen and I prepped a ton since
she’d be having to take over the area after only being out six weeks,
but I had and still have complete confidence that she is going to do
amazing things this transfer. Her new companion, Sister Birks, is so
solid and I know they’ll see a ton of miracles together. Can’t wait to
hear all about it!

I am already loving this new area! When I got here late Wednesday
evening, I got to meet Sister Trawick (my new comp) and she is so fun!
She just got out of training and is hilarious. One of the first things
she told me is that we are pretty much starting from scratch here and
that she hardly knows the people or the area. I of course thought she
was joking but turns out she wasn’t! We went grocery shopping Thursday
and as we were leaving, I ask her which way is home and she gets this
concentrated, concerned look on her face and then opens her eyes wide
and says, “I don’t even know where we live!” Haha needless to say, we
finally got home after a few phone calls but that’s when I realized
she meant what she said. It’s definitely been an adventure these first
few days! And we will be working our hardest this transfer to get
things going here.

In the first few days I got to meet our Ward Mission Leader, Bishop
Hoyos, and some other leaders in this area. They are all missionary
minded and ready to work so I’m excited to serve beside them and help
support their missionary efforts. One of the first thing they’d say to
me is that they’ve heard a lot of good things about me so they’re
excited to have me here… No pressure! Haha I told them they must’ve
heard about some other sister because I’m not that great but really,
I’m stoked and I’ll be working my hardest for sure! We’ve already seen
many miracles in the short time I’ve been here.

One of my favorite things was meeting Terry. His two older sisters and
Aunt were baptized earlier this year and he turned eight in the
beginning of November but lost a desire to be baptized. Their whole
family has had a rough past and life has been a rollercoaster from day
one. They’ve had to mature and grow up a lot sooner than most have too
and it breaks my heart to hear about and see some of the situations
they’ve gone through and continue to go through. But anyways, I met
Terry on Thursday and at first he was very shy and just wanted to go
outside and play with his friends but after some time of talking with
him and seeing him a few other times we’re now pretty much best
friends. I went with him to his primary class on Sunday which was a
lot of fun and after church we were walking in the hallway to find the
family giving him a ride home and he grabbed my hand and just kept
walking, it was adorable! Him and his family have a special place in
my heart already.

Well, sorry this is shorter than most but we had a lot of things to do
today! Hope everyone has an amazing week! Love ya!

– Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea dec 14 2015 1
last pic with Sister Pedersen & the ZLs in Derby!
chelsea dec 14 2015 2
Last sunrise in Wichita before leaving for Topeka!
chelsea dec 14 2015 3
We stayed up pretty late packing me up to go and took some pictures in our matching shirts. Here’s one of many haha
chelsea dec 14 2015 4
On our way to Topeka! Sister Zollinger and I got to road trip for 2.5 hours!
chelsea dec 14 2015 5
How you think we’d feel having to have a long road trip…..
chelsea dec 14 2015 6
…. How we actually felt!
chelsea dec 14 2015 7
Helped our bishops wife decorate their tree before dinner one night

chelsea dec 14 2015 8

chelsea dec 14 2015 9
And lastly, I found a street with my name on it! #rare

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