Leaving My Home Away From Home

Hello world!

I cannot believe the transfer is already coming to an end! This
morning we received the transfer document showing whose being
transferred and where and whatnot and guess what… I’m leaving
Ridgepoint… Not gonna lie, I cried. This place has become my home
and the people here have become my family! I am looking forward to
being in Topeka and all the amazing experiences that await me there.
But goodbyes are always hard, especially when you’ve been in an area
for six months. This really has become my second home. I love
Ridgepoint! I love all the amazing people I’ve met here! It hurts my
heart to be leaving Sister Pedersen! But she is going to do amazing
things here and I’m excited to hear all about it. So yes, Sister Wade
is leaving an area for the first time on her mission! Ahhh! Hardest
thing I’ll be having to do thus far.. But like I said, I am absolutely
excited to be going to Topeka! Can’t wait to share all my adventures
with you all!

This week was full of wonderful miracles, experiences, and memories.
The highlight of the week was Taylor Bruce’s baptism and confirmation.
She has been going to church for over a year, but had a lot of things
she had to work through before getting baptized and as time passed,
her determination turned to complacency and she had stopped
progressing towards baptism. When I got here in June she was at that
place. Still kinda wanted to be baptized, but also didn’t really want
to put effort towards it. So getting to see her fire rekindled to be
baptized and working with her all this time, I was so excited to be
able to be here for her baptism! It was a very sacred and special

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about is a question we get a lot
from people we meet throughout the week. They always ask WHY we are
doing this. Why we put our lives on hold for a year and a half and why
we work day after day to share the message we have. And the answer is
very simple, it’s love. It’s because we LOVE our savior Jesus Christ,
LOVE this gospel, and because we LOVE our brothers and sisters here in
Kansas that we have opportunities to meet and teach. Love is the
motive behind everything we do and I can say with all my heart that I
absolutely and completely love being here.

On Saturday, we had a fun ward Christmas party! We got to help with
decorations and made a ton of pancakes. The primary kids did an
adorable skit to different renditions of the song Once There was A
Snowman and they were too cute. And then after the Christmas party, we
along with the elders serving in our ward went and did service for one
of the ladies we’re teaching. She had this electric work out bike
that’s been in a bin for like two years that she needed help putting
together. After almost two hours and a lot of laughs and confusion, we
did it! We were pretty stoked when we finally completed it.

I’ve completely enjoyed being here in the Ridgepoint ward these past
six months and it’ll have a special place in my heart forever and
always. But I am also very excited to see the many miracles that’ll
take place in my new area in Topeka. Love this great work and I know
our Father in Heaven has a specific plan for each one of us! Make it a
wonderful week! Love you all!

-Sister Chelsea Wade


chelsea dec 7 2015 1
At Taylor’s baptism! BEST DAY EVER.
chelsea dec 7 2015 2
Had Sister Mertens with us for a day which was a so fun! And actually served in Topeka before coming out here so she had been telling me all about it earlier this week. Kinda ironic huh!?
chelsea dec 7 2015 3
The “overview drawing” of the electric bike we put together this week.
chelsea dec 7 2015 4
And I better picture of the whole mission! Greatest mission in the world!

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