It’s been another great week as a missionary here in the Kansas
Wichita Mission! I hope everyone’s thanksgiving was as delicious as
mine (all three of them). Yup. I had three thanksgiving dinners! One
was the day before because that’s when they were celebrating due to
work schedules but the other two were on the same day and let me tell
you… I thought I was going to explode haha but I survived and it was
wonderful getting to celebrate with the people I’ve grown to love so
much here. They’ve really become family to me and I’m very grateful
for that.

On Thanksgiving morning, we played Turkey Bowl with some members in
our ward and some elders serving around the area and it was intense! I
had SO much fun! On our way there, it started to drizzle and by the
time we got there it was raining so we thought maybe they’d cancel it
but oh no, one does not simply cancel the Turkey Bowl. We played for
over two hours in the pouring rain and sometimes it would let up for a
bit but it always came back and it added a whole new level to the
game. Because I’m a little (or a lot) competitive, I got pretty into
it and by the end off the game I was able to make a couple touchdowns
and even intercepted a pass. Go Sister Wade! Haha I was pretty proud
of myself because as most of you know, I’m no football player. It was
honestly just a ton of fun. And I gained some respect from Bishop
Ashby and some others that were there so that was a plus! Haha

Later in the week it got FREEZING. Like, literally frozen. Every inch
of our car was covered in thick ice and it took a looooong time to
scrape and chip and break it off. A lady that lives cross from us
clearly saw us struggling outside with our car and after about fifteen
minutes or so she came out with a warm squirt bottle and her own tool
to help us. She was heaven sent. But one of the first things she said
to me when she came over and started helping us is, “you’re not from
around here, are you… ?” I guess it was pretty obvious! Haha But I
honestly felt I was doing a pretty good job… I’ll for sure be a pro
by the end of winter! And the following day we helped Jolie scrape ice
off her car so I’m definitely getting good practice.

We also had the opportunity to do a lot of service this past week, my
favorite was helping some older members of our ward put up Christmas
decorations. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday in the whole
world and I wish it was celebrated longer, like the whole year for
example. So it was a blessing to get the opportunity to help these
people put up their Christmas decorations, didn’t even feel like we
were doing service! I’m so excited for Christmas… Do any of you have
fun holiday traditions you’re looking forward to? Sister Pedersen and
I had some fun talking about the different family traditions we have
around the holidays.

Something that just came out yesterday was the new holiday video the
church made called “A Savior is Born”, it’s SO GOOD. It reminds us of
the true reason we should be celebrating Christmas and invites us to
discover why the birth of Jesus Christ is so important. I encourage
all of you to watch it and really think about the true reason for the
season! There’s no better time than right NOW to follow our savior
Jesus Christ on the path that leads back to our heavenly home. I am so
grateful for my best friend, brother, and redeemer Jesus Christ and I
know He loves me with a perfect love and that He loves each one of you
with that same unconditional, perfect love. And it’s such a privilege
to work side by side with Him as I serve my brothers and sisters here
in Kansas. He truly has become my best friend and it’s such an amazing
feeling to know he’s with me every step of the way. No place I’d
rather be!

I’m so grateful for the experiences I’m having here every single day.
There’s a quote by Neill F. Marriott from this last general conference
that I really love. They said, “If we earnestly appeal to God, He
takes us as we are – and makes us more than we ever imagined.” I can
say with complete sincerity that I am becoming more than I ever
imagined through my missionary experiences. As I learn to rely on
Christ more and use the enabling power of the atonement, I am able to
become more of who I have the potential to be. And I know that if you
do the same, and appeal to God and use the atonement in your life
daily, you can become more than you ever imagined possible. I look
forward to continuing to change and grow and I’m grateful for this
time I have to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.

Love you all so much & make it the best week of the year!
-Sister Chelsea Wade

chelsea nov 30 2015 1
This is a picture of all us missionaries serving here in the Derby area! This is one of like a hundred pictures of us trying to all jump haha this is as close as we got
chelsea nov 30 2015 2
Hangin’ out at the beach! (We looked and there was definitely know beach)
chelsea nov 30 2015 3
We took this after the Turkey Bowl with the elders that came. If you can’t tell, we’re all soaking and it’s still raining
chelsea nov 30 2015 4
And lastly, some action shots of me chipping away ice on Jolies car. And yes we eventually got it all off (:

chelsea nov 30 2015 5

chelsea nov 30 2015 6
Give me a call for all your ice chipping needs! Haha have a wonderful week everyone!



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