Windy with a Capital W

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

So this week we were on foot and bikes and it was Windy with a capital
W. SO windy. And we were always biking against the wind, it was crazy.
I swear to you that we would turn a different direction and the wind
would turn with us so it would still be blowing against us. Mother
Nature sure has a sense of humor. So by the end of the day, we would
slowly make our way up our steps to our apartment and just collapse on
the ground or couch for a few minutes trying to regain some strength.
One day Sister Pedersen said she doesn’t understand how people don’t
stay in shape on their mission if they’re biking like we are haha
that’s when I got to tell her we are one of the lucky few who get the
opportunity to bike so often. She liked hearing that.

So last week, we got to have one on one interviews with our mission
president, President Bell, and trainings by his two assistants, it was
wonderful. I love having the opportunity to talk and receive direct
counsel from our mission president. He is an inspired man and full of
so much love and compassion. I’m grateful for him and Sister Bell,
they do so much for all of us in this mission and they are so fun.
When we got to the mission office for interviews and the training ,
Mama Bell had boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for us to eat and she told
us it was to help us stay awake during our meeting, she’s hilarious.
The donuts were delicious, but definitely not necessary to keep me
awake, the training were awesome and I got a ton out of them. And like
I said earlier, I really enjoyed

An adventure we had this week was on Friday, we were biking from one
place to another, teaching the lessons we’d prepared and doing our
missionary thing, when I realized I’d forgotten to grab the gps in our
apartment that morning. Up to this point, we had no need for it but
from where we were at that moment, I had no idea how to get to our
next appointment. I’ve been in this area for over five months and
that’s embarrassing to admit that I still sometimes don’t know where
I’m going so I just didn’t tell Sister Pedersen. I figured I knew the
general direction we had to go and that sooner or later I’d recognize
where we are and be able to get us there. But no… Didn’t happen that
way! Sister Pedersen faithfully pedaled behind me and we biked and
biked for a good while when finally I pulled to the side and admitted
I had no idea how to get there. I wish this story had a happy ending
but we ended up just having to reschedule that appointment and went
and saw other people we’re working with.

One of those people we went and saw though is a girl we’ve been
working with for a while. Her mom, who joined and became a member in
the beginning of this year, brings her to church almost every Sunday
for a year now but she has continuously had one concern or another
that has stopped her from being baptized. Most of her concerns have
been small and easy to overcome, but there was always another one that
would come up. Anyways, this past week we met with her and we were
pretty lovingly bold and she is now working towards being baptized
next month! We are so excited for her! She was finally able to
recognize that she doesn’t want to wait for the blessings that will
come as she is baptize and that through Christ, she can overcome any
concern that may arise. So please keep her in your prayers as she
prepares for her baptism!

With it being so close to thanksgiving, we’ve been teaching a lot of
lessons about gratitude and something we’ve done with a lot of
families we teach is go around and share something we’re thankful for
and why we’re thankful for it. And two things that were always
mentioned without fail are food and families. And I agree
wholeheartedly with both of those. I’m so grateful for my family,
there are few things in this life that bring me as much joy as my
family does, and my knowledge that families can be together far longer
than this mortal life makes me so happy and helps me strive to always
be worthy of that blessing. And of course there’s food, I love food. I
hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving feast and gain a few
extra pounds! I know I will.. But I also hope you can remember that
there’s another feast you can and should have, and that’s feasting on
the word of Christ. Always show your gratitude to Him by using the
many resources He’s given us to learn of Him and His teachings. Pull
out your scriptures every day and read a few verses, I know that as
you do this you’ll see blessings come from it and feel more peace in
your life. I know this because that is what’s happened for me as I’ve
learned to feast on the word of Christ daily! I know that was kinda
cheesy but I had to do it haha

Anyways, love you all so much and have a great thanksgiving! Bye!

-Sister Chelsea Wade


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