Parties with Rock Star & Punched a shark in the Face

Hello all!

How has everyone’s week been? Hope it was wonderful! I don’t have much
time but I’ll share a few highlights from our week real quick because
it was a good & funny week.

A really cool experience we had this week was when we were looking for
a woman who had referred herself to us. As in she asked that the
missionaries would come visit her and that she’s interested to talk
with us. So we were notified and when we showed up to the address that
was given for this woman, she no longer lived there. We were pretty
bummed. But we learned that those staying in the house now are
relatives of the woman and we began talking to them at their door and
a few moments later they invited us inside. So we sat down in their
living room and taught them about the restoration and coming forth of
the Book of Mormon, they listened and one of them asked a lot of
questions and so we invited them to read and we were about to ask them
if we could come back another time when they asked if we can come back
next week! We were like yeah, we guess we can make that work haha no,
we told them we could definitely come back and as we were leaving I
was just thinking about how God works in mysterious ways. Although we
didn’t meet the woman we had previously decided to see, we met others
who have been prepared and ready to listen to the message we have to
share. It was pretty amazing to be able to recognize the Lords hand in
that experience.

So we work with a lot of less active members in our ward in this area
and one of the goals we have is to of course get them coming back to
church and there is one woman we visit every so often and yesterday we
texted her before church saying that we hope we see her today and
whatnot and she texted back talking about how horrible her morning had
been and giving us reasons as to why she wouldn’t be there and we felt
inspired to promise her some things if she came to church and an hour
later, a few minutes before church began, she came walking through the
door. It was awesome! And we know she had a really great experience so
I’m grateful she was there and that the Lord is helping her in so many

Alright funny experience this week, we parked behind our apartment one
night as we always do and before I turn off the headlights, we see
this rat looking thing the size of a cat looking at us from around the
side of our building. We were super creeped out because we had to walk
that way and we definitely didn’t want to do that. So we drive around
to the front and park and we bypassed the creepy rat cat thing. But as
we’re walking up the steps to our apartment, there’s another one at
the landing before our apartment! To say the least, Sister Pedersen
and I both screamed and it took us forever to get into our apartment
because we didn’t want to walk over it on the steps. And then the same
exact situation, including the screams, happened the night after. It
was great haha oh and then today we figured out that the rat things
are actually probably possums. Viscous looking things.

Alright one more funny story, we have been working with this woman
named Ashley who is really searching for some peace and comfort
because of all the things she’s had to go through. She loves to read
the Book of Mormon, prays daily, and is an overall really great person
and we love working with her. So we go to visit her this last week and
we meet her Aunt Terri who is in town for a few weeks. Now, I don’t
really know how to explain Aunt Terri.. She’s a little bit of
everything haha very knowledgable, a little quirky, a lot of
personality, and likes to share her whole life story with anyone who
has ears. Sister Pedersen and I are still trying to decide if her
crazy life stories are fictional or not, but if they’re legit, she has
lived an intense life. To summarize – she parties with rock stars, has
punched a shark in the face, and even though she’s 51 she has no
wrinkles (we know that last one is not entirely true since we’ve seen
her). So in short, while one of us is talking to Ashley about the
gospel and her spiritual progression, the other one of us is listening
to Aunt Terri talk about all her life adventures. Team work makes the
dream work!

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful week and keep on shining! Love ya guys!

-Sister Chelsea Wade




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