Blessings, Baptisms, and the Best Days

Happy November everyone!

Cannot believe October has already come and gone… But I’m super
stoked for all the exciting things happening this month! This week has
been full of SO many good things! First off, my new daughter Sister
Pedersen is absolutely wonderful. She is so sweet and ready to go to
work and I’ve loved getting to know her these past few days. I know we
are going to have a lot of fun! Funny story real quick, I got to take
her out for a few hours when her and the other new missionaries first
landed on Tuesday so I met her and talked with her but couldn’t tell
her I was going to be her trainer yet. Well, the following day at
transfers I see her and one of the other girls standing by the side of
the room so I go up and start talking to them and we get our lunch
together and I invite them to sit down with a few of my missionary
friends. As we are sitting there I notice the mustard yellow skirt
Sister Pedersen is wearing and am about to compliment her when I
realize that we are pretty much wearing the exact same outfit….
Mustard skirt and striped shirt. Whaaaaa!? It was insane! So I guess
you could say we’re pretty unified as a companionship, even before she
knew we were companions haha it was crazy.

Another amazing thing this week was the opportunity we had as a
mission to go to Salina and hear from Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of
the Twelve Apostles! Just as Christ had the church organized with 12
apostles while He was on the earth, it is set up the same way today,
and Elder Stevenson is one of those twelve men who is called of God to
lead Christ’s church and give us direction. It was very inspiring and
an experience I’ll never forget. Getting to shake an apostles hand and
see and hear him talk to all of us in the Kansas Wichita Mission was
really neat. I was able to receive a lot of counsel and revelation I
need and something I really loved is when he talked about how the Lord
qualifies whom He calls. That’s something I’m learning more and more
as I’m put into situations and having experiences that I know I
wouldn’t be able to do on my own. The enabling power of the atonement
is so wonderful and so real and I’m grateful I am starting to grasp a
better understanding of it. I know that the Lord really does qualify
those he calls and that as long as we always rely on our Savior, we
cannot fail.

Yesterday was by far one of the greatest days I’ve had on the mission.
We had the privilege of seeing Marcel, Zawadi, and Oliver get baptized
and confirmed last night and I can’t even describe how amazing that
was. I just love them so stinkin much! They have honestly become
family to me, truly my brothers and sister, and I really can’t put
into words how much it meant to me that they were able to make this
first and essential covenant with God through baptism and receive the
gift of the Holy Ghost. Getting front row seats to the greatest
miracle in the world, seeing lives change as they apply the atonement
in their lives, is one of the many perks of getting to be a
missionary. The baptismal service was very touching and the spirit was
there so strong. Sister Jolie translated the whole service in Swahili
so Zawadi could understand what was being said and it was pretty cool
because I don’t think it happens every day that we have a baptismal
service in Swahili in the middle of Kansas. Also, our mission
president baptized Zawadi! It was so cool! I don’t know how often Prez
baptizes, so it was really cool to get to be a part of that
experience. Definitely a special and memorable night. I’ll never
forget the moments when each one of them walked out of the baptismal
font, huge smiles on their faces and a new light in their eyes. I am
humbled to know that I was able to play a small role in helping them
come to the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that
because this is the Lords work, He will always empower and strengthen

There were so many other amazing experiences and moments that I really
enjoyed this week but not nearly enough time to share it all. I am
excited to continue to change and learn this transfer and I hope you
all have a great week! Love youuuu.

– Sister Chelsea Wade

When we completely matched the day of transfers. Craziness!
When we completely matched the day of transfers. Craziness!

chelsea nov 2 2015 3

Carved pumpkins with the hermanas during lunch on Halloween! It was so fun!
Carved pumpkins with the Hermanas during lunch on Halloween! It was so fun!

chelsea nov 2 2015 4

some funny pics haha
some funny pics haha

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