“911, what is your emergency?”

Hello friends and family!

How is everyone doing!? I hope you’ve all had an amazing week! There’s
so much I want to share & so little time! I’ll start with yesterday
because it was by far my favorite day of the week.

So yesterday, we had seven of our investigators come to church with us
and it was such a sweet experience. We had Marcel, Zawadi, and Oliver
there and then four children whose parents couldn’t make it but still
wanted their kids to come. I’d say their names but I know I’d butcher
the spelling… They’re all from Africa and so they have gorgeous
African names that I can barely even pronounce. But anyways, they all
came and had a wonderful first experience at church. After sacrament
meeting Marcel – with his broken English – told us that he is done
looking for a church because he knows that this is His church. I was
so grateful that even though he and Oliver can barely understand
English and Zawadi can’t understand any English at all, that they
could still feel the spirit during the meeting and that they know this
is the true church of Jesus Christ. And then at a devotional later
that night, Zawadi got up and bore a beautiful testimony in Swahili
and Jolie’s daughter Debbie translated it. I was so full of love for
them and this amazing gospel. What a blessing it is to have the
knowledge that we do and to have the opportunity to share it with
others. So yeah, yesterday was probably one of my favorite days I’ve
had so far on the mission. It was amazing.

Something else I really enjoyed this week was Sisters’ Conference.
All of the Sister missionaries in the mission came together for a huge
conference and it was so good! I got to see Sister Domingo, Sister
Clayton, and all the other amazing sisters I love & missed. Throughout
the conference, we focused a lot on recognizing and embracing our
strengths and weaknesses. In Ether 12:27 we learn that God
intentionally gave us weaknesses. Not to condemn us, but to humble us
enough to rely on Him so that he can make our weaknesses become
strengths. I’m learning to not only be more confident with the
strengths I’ve been given, but to also not be embarrassed or ashamed
for my weaknesses. Of course, we want to overcome our weaknesses but
I’m learning that we need to own the things that are weak so that we
can humbly go before God so He can make those things become strong.
It’s definitely been a perspective shift for me and I would encourage
you to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can
truly own them.

Alright, real talk. Transfers is next week and Sister Litchfield is
for sure leaving for Brazil! Her visa came through and so they’re
sending her off! Very bittersweet.. I am SO excited for her to change
lives in Brazil, but also going to miss having her here. My babies
growing up!  I’m grateful for the transfer we were able to spend
together, she’s taught me so much in such a short time. Love her! And
we are gonna make our last week together the best week yet!

And lastly, a few funny stories that are too good to not share…
So the other day, sister Litchfield and I made some chicken and pasta
for lunch and from the time we made it, a mysterious beeping sound
started going off every few minutes. Like every two minutes there
would be a beep. And for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out where
it was coming from! It was driving us insane! We unplugged the
microwave to see if that was it, nope. Opened up the fridge and turned
some knobs, nope. Played with the stove/oven making sure everything
was off and seeing if the beep was coming from that, nope. We
literally couldn’t figure it out.. And we started psyching ourselves
out thinking maybe the beeping was because something broke and some
kind of poisonous fumes were leaking into our house or something but
FINALLY, late at night before going to bed we got to the bottom of it.
It was our dishwasher. It just hadn’t been shut all the way earlier
that day when we had unloaded it. So we felt kinda dumb but were
grateful we wouldn’t die from some poisonous, dangerous fume  in the
house haha
Other quick story because this is already days long. Yesterday during
the devotional, I’m sitting listening to the speaker and all of a
sudden a hear from the pocket of my skirt, “911, what is your
emergency? ” yup. I somehow pocket dialed 911 and had it on speaker.
So I quickly hang up as people around me are starting to look and
we’re of course sitting in the front row on the side so I get up and
try to exit the chapel and the door I open goes into the sacrament
prep room, so I shut it and turn around and President Bell and the
AP’s are watching me kinda laughing at my attempt to leave the room.
Embarrassing. But don’t worry, I do eventually make it out and call
911 again to let them know there is no emergency here and it was all
taken care of. But I still have no idea how that even happened Haha

Anyways… This is a long one haha oh well, it makes up for the
shorter letters I’ve sent the last few weeks! But I’ll leave it at
that. Being a missionary is the most exhausting, wonderful, rewarding,
draining, fun thing I’ve ever done and I love it so much. So grateful
to be here in Kansas having the experiences I’m having. Have a good


This was from the first day on the mish with President Bell & Mama Bell! I would have sent this sooner, but they just barely emailed it to me (:
This was from the first day on the mish with President Bell & Mama
Bell! I would have sent this sooner, but they just barely emailed it
to me (:
chelsea oct 19 2015 2
All the sisters at Sisters’ Conference!
chelsea oct 19 2015 3
Throwback to when Sister Tims and Sister Clayton were my comps in the MTC.
chelsea oct 19 2015 4
And also being comps with Sister Domingo and Sister Patterson. So fun seeing them again!
chelsea oct 19 2015 5
Just chillin’ on the Hawaiian Beach! HaHa

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