The Lord ALWAYS Provides




Oi! (That means hi in Portuguese)

Esta semana foi uma semana muito louco. Muito de altos e alguns baixos
também. No final de cada dia, eu estava fisicamente e emocionalmente
esgotado e tão pronto para apenas agrupar-se em minha cama e dormir.
Mas, independentemente de quão louco um dia poderia ter sido, Deus
sempre nos mostrar uma terna misericórdia ou colocar um milagre em
nosso caminho para que pudéssemos terminar a noite para melhor.

haha but seriously, I’m not really learning Portuguese.. I’ve tried
and let’s just say I’m grateful that I was called to serve an English
speaking mission. I wrote the beginning of this email with the help of
Sister Litchfield and my friend google translate. Soooo I guess I’ll
say it in English so all of you can actually understand what I’m

This week has been a pretty crazy week. Lots of highs, and also some
lows. At the end of every day, I was physically and emotionally
drained and so ready to just bundle up in my bed and fall asleep. But
regardless of how crazy a day might have been, God would always show
us a tender mercy or put a miracle in our path so we could end the
night for the better.

My week started on an exciting note, the elders who we share the car
with had fixed my bike tire for me (yay!) and they were on their way
to drop it off, with the bike on the bike rack, when they look out the
back window after going over a railroad track and they see my bike
tumbling down the road. Wish I had been there in that moment, woulda
been hilarious. BUT it was completely totaled and they felt so bad. I
honestly felt bad for how bad they felt! Anyways, long story short
there’s no hope for my bike so I borrowed one of the elders bikes. Let
me tell you about this bike I’ve been borrowing though.. It is
MASSIVE. The elder who owns this bike is Tongan and the UCLA Football
coach gave it to him because all the defensive linemen have this bike
because they use them to train. So yeah, I’m now training to be one of
the UCLA defensive linemen haha riding this huge bike this past week
was a bit of a struggle but also a good adventure.

The hardest part of my week was having multiple people from our ward
here text us to let us know that Sister Linda Riegel was on hospice
and only had a few days left to live. For those who don’t remember
her, she’s pretty much my adopted grandma here. We would stop by her
house for water or AC when Sister Domingo and I were biking in the
humid summer months or if we didn’t have a dinner she would be upset
if we didn’t tell her because she always would make us food and we’d
eat with her and she just always had a smile on her face and you could
just feel her love when in her presence. But she was diagnosed with
cancer a few months back and we had been going over there a lot to
give uplifting messages and to do service in any way she needed. So
when she moved about a month back we couldn’t see her anymore and only
sometimes got to hear how she’s doing. So with this news, a few days
ago we went to the hospital with our relief society president and I
got to share one last message with her before she later passed away
that same day. She was a fighter, but she’d completed her mission here
on the earth and our Heavenly Father was ready for her to come home.
I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been rough, but I am SO grateful for
the knowledge I have of God’s plan for all of us and that I’ll see her
again. I’ll miss her terribly, but I know she’s happy and at peace now
and I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to know, learn from, and
love her.

I don’t want to end my letter with that and sorry that was a little
morbid, but I’ll tell you all about an amazing tender mercy God gave
us the same day we found out about Linda Riegel’s death. We had gone
to see Marcelle, Zawadi, and their son Oliver with Jolie and honestly,
it didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked. This isn’t the tender
mercy part yet, just wait. They had a ton of people over and all of
them were asking unrelated questions and talking and it was all pretty
crazy and there was a lot of energy everywhere. But we were able to
share a message finally and as Marcelle was walking us outside he was
apologizing for the disruptions caused by all of them and shared that
he could still feel the spirit as we talked with them. We told him it
was all okay and we thought that would be that but he then continues
and says that him and his wife have been reading the Book of Mormon
together and praying and they already know that they want to be
members of this church! When he said this I looked at Sister
Litchfield and we did the most silent celebration I’ve ever done. It
came out of nowhere and we KNOW that God was providing us with a
miracle and tender mercy that couldn’t have come at a better time. So
anyways, preparing to be baptized at the end of this month and are
just as excited as we are for their baptisms!

So yeah, it’s been a crazy week but glad it ended on a positive note.
I’m so grateful for the gospel and for the light that we get to carry
to others so that they can experience the same happiness we receive
through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hope everyone has an amazing week!

And some pictures from the week:

First, a picture of the front tire on my bike that went tumbling down
the road and then a picture of the lovely Sister Litchfield posing by
the  monster bike I was riding after that happened.

chelsea oct 12 2015 1

chelsea oct 12 2015 2

chelsea oct 12 2015 4

chelsea oct 12 2015 6

chelsea oct 12 2015 3

chelsea oct 12 2015 5

chelsea oct 12 2015 7


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