Be an Example and Learn to Squish Cockroaches

Happy October everyone!

Oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s already October… Time is flying!
But there’s no better way to have begun the month than with General
Conference. I hope you all were able to listen to or watch the
apostles and prophets speak this past weekend because it was AMAZING.
The testimonies of truth they share are priceless and I’m so grateful
for the opportunity to learn from them and receive my own personal
revelation from the experiences and counsel they give.

One of the greatest things that stuck out to me this past weekend
during conference is when our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson,
spoke to us about being an example and a light in the world. Something
I realized is that as the world continues to grow darker and darker
with wickedness, it is our responsibility to shine brighter and
brighter through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just because the worlds
standards continue to drop doesn’t mean we can allow ourselves to
become tolerant of things that are not right and although I already
had an understanding of this concept, it resonated a lot deeper this
weekend. I know that we have living prophets today that are
mouthpieces of God and who are here to guide us through this life.
This is such a huge blessings! and we shouldn’t take it for granted.
Please watch, read, or listen to the talks that were given. I know
you’ll find answers you’re searching for and that the spirit will
testify of the truthfulness of their words.

Okay, done preachin’ for the time being! Haha but honestly, conference
was for sure the highlight of my week. SO GOOD. This week we did lots
and lots of service and it was so great! I absolutely love getting to
help others through service because it’s one huge way we can show our
love for them. One person we did service for is Victoria, who is a
member who fell alway from the church for a number of years and
recently decided she wanted to make some huge changes in her life,
including going to church and living gospel standard. So we’ve been
meeting with her for a few months now and she just told us she’s
moving to Oklahoma City! So we were helping her pack and clean and it
was very bittersweet. The change and growth that’s happened in her in
just these few short months has been amazing so I can only imagine how
much she’ll continue to grow and change. Love her! And it’s such a
sweet experience getting to see someone embrace the gospel again in
their life. Seeing that conversion and transformation, whether for the
first time or the second or the third is something amazing to see and
be apart of.

Alright, I can see my emails getting shorter and shorter and I promise
it’s not because I don’t love writing to all of you. But I’ll end with
a funny story from this week. Okay sooo we’ve had cockroaches in our
kitchen this past week (not the funny part) and we keep our apartment
spotless so we had no idea where they came from! We think they’re
coming from the apartment underneath us but anyways, I can’t talk
myself into killing them so Sister Litchfield has to squish all of
them. And one day I opened the dishwasher and a cockroach comes out so
I maybe kinda scream and go find sister Litchfield and when we go back
the cockroach is nowhere to be found.. So now Sister Litchfield says
she’s not squishing another when till I do it myself. She helps me in
so many ways. Love her so much!

Anyways, hope you all have an amazing week and love you so much! Bye!


chelsea oct 5 2015 2
Went to a members house for dinner and got distracted by week old kittens. Every time sister Litchfield would pick them up they’d start crying and the mama cat would come take the kitten away so we only got pics with me holding them. haha

chelsea oct 5 2015 4

chelsea oct 5 2015 3
Ridgepoint sign because we’re the Ridgepoint Sisters
chelsea oct 5 2015 5
This was from last week when we had Zone Conference! Love these people! Especially Mama and Papa Bell (mission president and his wife)!
chelsea oct 5 2015 6
Honestly Love sister Litchfield, I’m learning so much from her and we always have way too much fun.

chelsea oct 5 2015 4

Found a Kansas street! So we of course took a pic.
Found a Kansas street! So we of course took a pic.

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